Subject: Council obfuscation ...
From: Veronica
Date: 19/6/13 11:21 pm
To: undisclosed-recipients:;
In short, I am not aware of specific statutory authority that enables
the Court to authorise the Council to issue summonses on their behalf,
but it is a long standing agreement between the Council and the courts.
May I suggest that you write directly to the Court for this information
if you wish to pursue this matter further.
Errr ... and your entitlement to create that agreement is __________________________________?

However ... the overall CONCLUSION REMAINS.

Since 'they' make up the rules as they go along, the ONLY WAY to deal with them is to turn up, and have a conversation along these lines:

Right at the start, you can ask some very simple questions.

A good one is: "Will this be a fair Hearing?"

They will obviously answer "Yes".

It is then possible to ask: "Will all my Rights be recognised?"

They will also answer "Yes" to that … simply because … as far as they are concerned … you have no Rights at all.

So you can ask: "What about my Right to Silence ... do you recognise that?"

This will cause a certain amount of consternation. And you will observe the ruffling of a few feathers … as they attempt to construct a load of waffle to answer that question … such as: "It may harm your defence if you do not answer questions put to you"

So you can ask: "How is that … if I've not said anything … what harm could result?"

Now you will observe the claws coming out … they will say something like: "Because … if you do not answer … we can infer you have something to hide"

So you can say: "Where did YOU get that Right from? The Right to infer anything at all? There may simply be things of a personal nature I do not wish to discuss in public. I'm quite sure that most people have personal things they don't wish to discuss in public ... simply because they consider it to be no-one's business but their own. And, furthermore, if you could infer what you chose ... there would be no such thing as privacy. Where did YOU get the Right to DECIDE WHAT I MEAN BY ANYTHING I HAVE NOT SAID? I haven't granted you Power of Attorney to do anything in my name, have I?"

This will cause MASSIVE ALARM … such as the most likely thing to happen is to get a Clerk to immediately read out the charges against you … and they will ask you to plead Guilty or Not Guilty to them.

So you can say: "You haven't answered my question ... and I have no intention of making a Plea ... because there is no case to answer"

This will … to some extent … be like a red rag to a bull … however they've dealt with troublemakers ... like you … before … and they've come up with the method of "Entering a Not Guilty Plea on your behalf". (Plucked, of course, out of their arses)

So … that's what they … the Clerk … will say they will do.

Your response should be: "When did I grant you Power of Attorney to do that on my behalf? I DIDN'T. So ... consequently ... if you enter that Plea ***YOU*** will ***PERSONALLY*** be taking ***ALL LIABILITY & RESPONSIBILITY*** for it ... and - in that case - I'll leave you to it ... and just go home".

Try not to piss yourself laughing at the ensuing silence.

In fact, you can say: "There is no case to answer ... I've already told you"

They then have TWO options:

1. To DISMISS the case immediately … OR …

2. To to pass the whole thing to a Crown Court ... with a Jury.

What they decide … is whatever they decide.

But … without your Plea … they can't continue.

While … on the one hand … they do make up all the rules as they go along … there are certain rules they know they must abide by … and the fact that you make a Plea … and thus grant them "authority to judge you" …  is one they really rely on.
And that's it .... beginning ... middle ... end. Full stop.

Sod all the 'research' ... you'll just waste your time.