Subject: I've just been reminded about this video ...
From: Veronica
Date: 13/6/13 5:39 pm
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... by Theo:

Michael Rivero explains it all. Lots of history lessons in there.

(As I said to Theo) If we have to have a Monetary System (which I firmly believe we do NOT need ... but, if we do ...) then Michael Rivero explains the way to go ... or at least ... "the way NOT to go!".

All wars are Banker's wars. The mark of true psychopaths.

Notice how Michael Rivero points out that 'money' is nothing more than an ILLUSION.

A 'belief' ... and nothing more. (Someone else said that ... in a book ... as I recall ...)

It's important not to forget about Lloyd Pye's Starchild Skull ... and what the ramifications of that are.


1. An Alien Hybrid - with a Human (but possibly surrogate) Mother - lived on the planet - FOR SOME CONSIDERABLE TIME (known by the fact of how much the teeth had been ground away), some 900+ years ago.

2. There's the obvious question about how "Daddy" managed to get here. Also the obvious question was "Was that the only one?"

3. But there is also the fact that we've been closely 'monitored' for CENTURIES ... quite possibly for at least the last 200,000 years ... maybe more. (Astronauts Gordon Cooper and Edgar Mitchell have gone on the record - multiple times - about constantly encountering UFOs ... during their time at NASA. And that's only the tip of the iceberg of 'evidence' for the monitoring)

4. So ... what's all that about? And the answer is: Our 'progress' is being monitored. It is being monitored to the point where - it is determined by 'them' - that Open Contact can occur, between us and - what we call - "ETs".

5. So ... Question 1: Do we think these ETs will want to 'trade'? If so, trade what? Our ability to go to war at the drop of a hat? I don't think so. I can't imagine we have very much - IN ANY MATERIAL SENSE - that they would want to trade.

6. So ... Question2: If they do want to trade, do you think they'll accept a cheque? Or will they demand that we use Credit Cards? And will they accept Pounds Sterling Notes ... or demand US Federal Reserve Notes?

There will be no trading. They want nothing from us ... nothing they don't have already ... by virtue of all the centuries of 'monitoring'.

We may very well covet their 'technology', but they won't be coveting ours, that's for sure.

The FACT is that what they are doing is LEARNING from us ... as we are LEARNING to see through all the DECEPTIONS that have entrapped us for CENTURIES.

And that's what it's all about.

There will be Open Contact when we are ready.

When we understand that "All wars are Banker's wars" ... and that "money" and "economics" and "politics" and "governments" (etc.) are nothing more than ILLUSIONS.

When we finally come to understand our SPIRITUALITY ... and what we really are.

And when we've finally seen through - and rejected - all of these ILLUSIONS we have been brainwashed to accept as 'gospel'.

And that's how it all ties in.