Subject: G. Edward Griffin
From: Veronica
Date: 10/6/13 2:07 pm
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

G. Edward Griffin is one of my all-times heroes.

(Not to be confused with His Holy Truthliness, David Ray Griffin, of course!)

Presumably most know that G. Edward was the author of The Creature from Jekyll Island ... which exposed all the machinations that went into creating the US Federal Reserve in 1913 (something which is NOT "Federal", and has no "Reserves").

Well his other main plank is A World Without Cancer.

And this is a BRILLIANT video which explains Vitamin B17 ... i.e. NATURE's freely available CURE (as opposed to 'orthodox consensus treatment' aka 'quackery')

As usual, G. Edward explores every avenue thoroughly.

You can EAT your way out of cancer. Any cancer. And it will work, provided you haven't taken the advice of your GP.

If you have taken your GP's advice, then it still MAY work ... depending on how much advice you took.

(Actually you can 'eat' your way out of anything. YOU ARE ... after all ... only what your parents originally created, and what you eat, drink, and breathe subsequently. The 'trick' is simply: Eating & drinking & breathing the RIGHT things ... as opposed to the WRONG things)