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From Patrick, with my translations for his sarcasm & satire between "[]".

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Attached -  list of members of The All Party Parliamentary Group on Breast Cancer : if your MP is on the list and you want a pamphlet sent to their local office or to you, let me know [E-Mail Patrick via]. or, if you just want a pamphlet ..
extract from my new  ..   Breast Cancer : an industry out of control
Some non-mushroom women (those not happy being kept in the dark and fed manure) have taken charge of their own health through safe, effective means.  One, a professor of geochemistry, reversed her breast cancer through the elimination of dairy produce : standard holistic advice. 

"Patient support group"  Breakthrough Breast Cancer called this "worrying" [they are 'worried' that women can rid themselves of breast cancer by simply eliminating dairy produce from the diet, i.e. WITHOUT recourse to drugs, surgery and/or radiation].

Breakthrough, along with Breast Cancer Care and Breast Cancer Campaign, control The All Party Parliamentary Group on Breast Cancer.

Understandably [because they are complete Muppets], non-drug approaches to cancer and prevention are not part of Breakthrough's ideas on the disease.

The Breakthrough/AstraZeneca drug Tamoxifen, with its multitude of dangerous effects, is the way forward [as far as their myopic outlook is concerned].

"None of this natural nonsense"
[as far as their myopic outlook is concerned].

Nutritional cures are definitely "worrying"
[as far as their myopic outlook is concerned]

Their main concern [presumably] is the chance that UK women might discover that the basic difference between the rural Chinese woman with a very low cancer  rate  and the British woman , with a very high rate, is dairy produce and other animal protein  in the diet.
The APPG is, currently, "investigating"  ie "rubber-stamping"  the Breakthrough/AZ  agenda on  "breast cancer risk, early detection : access to [what they myopically refer to as] "gold standard treatments" and to information and support ...".
Not only is the All Party Group unable to see through Breakthrough or any of the other pharma-dominated  "patient-support" groups, the All Party Group has made Breakthrough the "secretariat" : "..responsible for the secretarial, clerical, and administrative affairs..".

No doubt "A balanced and impartial filter, for those wishing to contact the All Party Group" [i.e. NOT!]

All highly amusing [Muppetry], except for  the 12,000 UK women's deaths per year and all of the attendant pain, mutilation, grief  ..