Subject: Well ... it takes 3 hours on my limited Broadband ...
From: Veronica
Date: 30/5/13 11:02 pm
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

... but it seems to work.

What does? Oh ... well ... I've come up with an alternative for downloading my Presentation DVD (for those who couldn't be bothered - or didn't understand - how to get a copy via Bit Torrent).

I've written a Windows Application to do it 'automatically'. (Well, actually two, as a matter of fact. One breaks the DVD File up, and the other one puts the pieces back together)

So ... if you still want a copy of the DVD, then you only need the Application that puts all the pieces back together.

I seriously suggest that you do this, and watch the Presentation I did in Norwich. As I've said, in recent e-mails, ... it's VERY LIKELY that we are all BARKING UP THE WRONG TREE. For the simple reason that "The Universe" is not like we have imagined (since the year dot).

The fundamental thing we are getting wrong, is to think we can 'actually change anything'.

When, in point of fact, we can't . So why waste time trying to change something that we can't change?

At least, we can't change anything EXCEPT OURSELVES. In other words, OUR 'PERCEPTION' OF 'REALITY'. And - in order to accomplish anything at all - we have to MOVE TO A REALITY SET THAT HAS NONE OF THE *SHIT* IN IT.

Now, I've constantly and consistently made a start to do that, by realising that 'money' is nothing more than an ILLUSION ... and getting realisation that into my SOUL. I've also got (into my Soul) that "Legal" is the EXACT OPPOSITE of "Lawful". And other stuff ... such as the FACT that "Government" MUST - BY DEFINITION - be tyrannical and IMMORAL ... and cannot possibly "Agree to disagree" in a honourable fashion, as we all can. And that "You can't change MORALITY by simply writing something on paper". And that if you "Delegate anything to a Representative e.g. MP or Congressman ... YOU DELEGATE NOTHING" ... nothing more than what they had in the first place (as Human Beings, like yourself). You certainly could NOT have delegated the right to "Tax anyone" ... any more than you could delegate them the right to "Murder anyone".

And so on ...

I've made those changes ... they are in my Soul ... how about you? So I'm working - SPIRITUALLY - towards a better Reality Set ... how about you?

OK. The DVD. As I said in the Subject Line, it takes 3 hours to piece my Presentation DVD all back together again (from the Internet) on my 'pathetic' 1/4 Meg Broadband ... so if yours is faster I shouldn't take anything like as long.

How do you do it?

1. You download *AND SAVE* this to your Windows Desktop: <<< by clicking on that link

2. You download *AND SAVE* this ... ALSO to your Windows Desktop: <<< by clicking on that link

You'll then end up with TWO new Icons on your Windows Desktop.

One will be called "AreYouReadyDVD.flg" ... and the other will have a 'Green Tick' Icon, and be called "FileGlue.exe".

Surely that's simple enough?

What you do is:

Click AND HOLD AreYouReadyDVD.flg ... and move it over the 'Green Tick' Icon of FileGlue.exe.

The 'Green Tick' Icon's background will turn blue.

When this happens, release the Mouse Button ... and wait a few seconds.

The Application should start up, and the first thing it will do is to scan the Repository, on the Internet, to make sure it can see all the necessary pieces.

If that succeeds (as it should!), it will then offer you the chance to specify where you want the DVD File to be written to ... on your Hard Disc.

You just select a Folder (anywhere you have about 2Gb spare). "My Documents" would do as well as anywhere (at least you'd be able to find it afterwards).

And that's it ... the rest is automatic.

Hopefully ... in a few hours time, you'll have a copy of the File that could create the DVD I promised.

BY THE WAY: If you don't want to actually burn a DVD, but would rather run it all from your Hard Disc, you can use FREE Application JZip to unpack the contents into a Folder somewhere.

(You can Download JZip from here: )

If you use JZip, and unpack it, then go to the 'base' Folder (i.e. the one you told JZip to unpack/extract in to), and double click the Application PlayCD.exe. This will kick off the Menu of everything on the DVD.

PS If you can't understand the above instructions, ask a Grandchild to help you.

PPS More details about how this works (for the 'technically-minded ONLY) here: