Subject: Finally ... after a lot of 'heartache' ...
From: Veronica
Date: 23/5/13 11:31 am
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

... I've manage to create a mechanism for making the Norwich Warren Presentation DVD available.

Please assume I've tried every other method than the one that I've finally used, and none of them work ... whereas the chosen method does.

It's slightly more complicated than anticipated, but the benefits are that the softwares (Applications) are very generally useful anyway.

The way to get a copy of the DVD is via the original page - of the 4 Parts to my Norwich Presentation ... there's a link to another page of full instructions. Here's the original page: ... and (within it) you'll find a link to this page: ... which contains all the instructions.

As of now my Laptop is on-line and ready to send a copy of the DVD. I will probably leave it on for most of the days to come.

If your Download stops ... DON'T WORRY ... just leave it ... it will be simply because I've switched off my Laptop. THE NEXT TIME I SWITCH MY LAPTOP ON, your Download will automatically resume.

So, just set it running, use your computer normally - but make sure you run Bit Torrent - and EVENTUALLY you'll end up with a copy.

Once you have your copy, and if you still run Bit Torrent (while your computer is on), you will become a 'seed' supplying others. Gradually more & more seeds will mean that there will be enough computers on - at any one time - for anyone else to always find all the pieces they need for a compete copy.

That's the way Bit Torrent works.

E-Mail me if you get any problems.