Subject: "Preventative mastectomy" : new level of cancer lunacy
From: Veronica
Date: 15/5/13 10:02 am
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

But among Jewish women of Ashkenazi, or European, descent, the two mutations are especially prevalent.
And we were told that they are "God's own people"?

But that's OK, because the study says they don't appear to be any more "at risk"*** than anyone else.

Patricia Hartge, a National Cancer Institute researcher who wrote an accompanying editorial. She added, however, that the finding gives women who know they have the mutation and their doctors another factor to consider as they ponder such precautionary measures as prophylactic surgery before the onset of the disease.
How about that? "Have your breasts removed before you get cancer in them!".


Goes together with "Have your brain removed before you get a tumour in it".

Obviously Patricia Hartge has already had the latter 'treatment'!

***"at risk": Ladies, the only risk you run is being "diagnosed with breast cancer" when you haven't got breast cancer at all.

See for the statistics on mis-diagnosis: ... you have a SEVENTY PERCENT chance of being MIS-DIAGNOSED ... and having to undergo a COMPLETELY UNNECESSARY mastectomy ... assuming you listen to, and take the advice of, your Big Pharma Puppet aka "GP".

In short, your main risk comes from your GP (and absurd articles, like the main subject of this e-mail). And, of course, Numpties like Patricia Hartge.