Subject: STOP PRESS!
From: Veronica
Date: 4/5/13 4:35 pm
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

Michael Doherty has said that he'll do his best to come to Norwich, for my Presentation, on the 11th May.

(That should please all the ladies)

This is the man who:

1. Has an ongoing Private Criminal Prosecution against Hillingdon Police Commander's Secretary Tracey Murphy ... of whom a Crown Court Judge David Farrell has said "I see COMPELLING EVIDENCE of her MANIFESTLY LYING to prevert the course of justice, and she should stand Trial in front of a Jury"

2. Has an ongoing Private Civil Claim against the former Hillingdon Police Commander Julian Worker ... for defaming Michael's character, in an e-mail to a Local Member of Parliament.

3. Has an ongoing Private Criminal Prosecution against two members of Hillingdon Constabulary on charges of kidnap, among other things, such as "aggravated burglary".

4. Has then gone into Hillingdon Police Station to make further complaints! (You couldn't make Michael up, if you wanted to ... could you?)