Subject: Retired Judge Dale
From: Veronica
Date: 3/5/13 1:38 pm
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

... it's all "American" ... but well worth a read ... because there is a 1:1 correspondence worldwide ... which includes the UK.

98% of what retired Judge Dale says is what we've already found out ... but it's good to have a retired Judge to confirm it. It means that we MUST be on the right track.

Note what he says about "Paying Bills" & "Police Citations" i.e. when you are charged with "speeding", etc. His solutions DO require Notaries ... but we know of a grand one in East Sussex, and a few others around the UK. And it's true what the Judge says ... 'They' DO take Notice of things sent by Notaries ... who are (indeed) 'above' Clerks & Solicitors, etc. I read (somewhere) that a Notary is actually more powerful than a Judge (in 'Their' world) ... but (of course) most Notaries won't have the bollox for that!

Judge Dale has explained a hell of a lot in previous writings, as well.

Once again, it's stuff we mainly found out for ourselves ... but rather nice to have a Judge actually confirm it.

(I wonder if he'd come out of retirement to run some TRUE Common Law Courts in the UK? Gosh it would be nice to contact him!)

We did know that your CUSIP Number is 'all-important'. And that (somehow) our Berth Certificate Number and/or National Insurance Number are converted into a CUSIP Number ... the problem is ... that (at the moment) I haven't been able to figure out how that's done. And, without that, you can't do anything. (Obviously 'they' want to keep that secret from us!). So ... if anyone has any information on that, I'd be happy to spread it around.