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"Michael Rides Again!"

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Subject: MICHAEL DOHERTY UPDATE (03 of 2013) - 28APRIL2013
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Dear ALL,

My last update to you all was back at the tail end of January, my apologies for my tardiness in ensuring regular updates. This has been down to a variety of issues, not least the quickening pace and growing awareness of the campaign. In addition, I have been asked to be involved with a media production company to assist in the creation of documentaries on similar corruption scandals.

I trust that when produced they will be of great assistance to those individual campaigns in their pursuit of resolution to the ordeals they and their loved ones have suffered.

Most certainly all of you will have felt the growing clamour for change, stemming from the fact that these issues are now (thanks to the internet) becoming all too obvious to the masses. Abuse of the criminal justice system is bringing it firmly into disrepute.

Stitch up in Stevenage: 

Back in January I was 'pronounced' guilty of assaulting a court security guard at Cambridge Magistrates on 7.8.2012

This case was heard at Stevenage Magistrates over 3 days in January and has been given the title of 'Stitch up in Stevenage'. I won't bore you with the detail as you can view a production of the issues via the links below;

"STITCH UP" the film - PART 1         PART 2  [10,000 views since January]

The appeal for this was set for St Albans Crown Court for mid July 2013. In a recent application by Thames Valley Crown Prosecution service, ex parte, they were granted a delay until 20th & 21st of August 2013. The CPS' reasons for the request was to bring in a 'special prosecutor'. As one might gather from this, the Prosecutor is in some dilemma, they know the evidence does not stand up in the case and they are desperate to convict me of anything.....

Indeed, within a day of being 'pronounced' guilty, the Metropolitan Police defence team had written advising that they would be attempting to use the conviction as 'bad character' evidence in the forthcoming trial of officers BLACKBURN & MACDONALD... It would seem that vested interests are at play in ensuring this conviction, whatever happened at trial.

Many will be aware that in my private criminal prosecution of Metropolitan Police member TRACEY MURPHY at Luton Crown Court, the deputy Chief Prosecutor of Thames Valley, RICHARD NEWCOMBE attempted to take over and stop the prosecution. This was refused by the trial judge who gave leave for this matter to go to the High Court. I have recently been sent information to suggest that Mr Newcombe is a Hertfordshire Freemason attached to Lodge 8919 in St Albans. You can see this information here;

Whilst not proof of anything other than his membership, i am sure your eyebrows are raised.....

Private prosecution of two Metropolitan Police officers

The two Metropolitan police officers who I have on criminal trial for Kidnap, False imprisonment, affray, assault, burglary and misconduct in public office has also suffered an attempt by the CPS to take over and stop the case. It took the CPS from Nov 2012 till Feb 2013 to make up their minds and quite frankly the 'excuses' they provided were alarmingly poor.

This rationale was challenged and has seen the CPS now miss three deadlines to provide a response to my critique of their reasoning. The last deadline expired on the 19th of April 2013, there has not been a peep from them.... I did notice that the same time the deadline expired, Keir Starmer the head of the CPS offered his resignation.....

I fully expect that they will return with more excuses as to why police officers cannot be prosecuted and I will handle this when and if the time comes.

Dailymail article on this case for those needing a refresher;

First Private Prosecution - Met police member of staff Tracey Murphy

This case was started in April 2011, now some 2 yrs later after bringing the case all the way into the Crown Court at Luton, the CPS continues it's prevarication over the case. The matter is poised to go before the High Court to challenge the decision by Richard Newcombe                                  [ take over and stop the prosecution.

Rather than go to the High Court it seemed preferable to the CPS to 'review' their decision, this started back in January 2013. I am advised that they will have a decision by the 16th of May 2013.

It does rather seem that this is keeping the CPS rather busy, I would suggest their efforts and use of public funds could well be better spent in a more discerning manner.

Grooming investigation - police failures and IPCC cover up

In 2008, I discovered that my 13yr old daughter was being sexually groomed via the internet. As any responsible parent I immediately reported this matter to the Metropolitan police. Following the conduct of the police in Hillingdon and specifically the (in) action of the specialist division of the police known as SAPPHIRE (responsible for investigation of sexual offences against woman & children) I attempted to raise these concerns with senior police management.

It was at this point, the police then dawn raided me on allegations that I had harassed the Borough Commander's secretary.... Even on the face of this a highly bizarre response to a parent who was raising concerns about the inaction of the police relating to the investigation of sexual offences against children. I was of course found not guilty at trial when I produced recordings of calls demonstrating that the allegations against me were false.

This failed investigation became the focus of a police watchdog (IPCC) investigation. Initially, upon expert advice, the IPCC investigator held that the Met Police had performed a negligent investigation. Of course that simply wouldn't do as it would undermine the whole basis of the police's actions taken on that day back in Sept 2008. As a result, in an unheard of move, the IPCC got a more senior investigator at the IPCC to 'overrule' the first report. This investigator, the notorious Rebecca Reed, raised new 'FACTS' to undermine the earlier assertions and claimed the police investigation was properly actioned. (despite the fact they'd never collected the evidence)

A couple of weeks ago, I was provided information from a source that proved that the FACTS Rebecca Reed gave were indeed false. I suggested that I was about to initiate a prosecution in relation to Ms Reed's claims and in rapid response the IPCC confirmed that indeed the key claim made in the Rebecca Reed report was false. The Director of complaints at the IPCC, whilst offering Ms Reed's regrets claimed that this fundamental flaw in the report made no difference to the outcome. Ms Reed of course claimed her actions of including facts that didn't exist was 'simply a mistake'.

As early as Nov 2010, Private Eye published an article titled 'WEB OF LIES' in relation to this matter. It clearly pointed out that the IPCC and police investigations were flawed, the innuendo being that a cover up had occurred. Despite this adverse publicity the IPCC did nothing to remedy the situation and like a daft Ostrich kept it's head deep in the sand... they hoped this would all go away.

Private Eye - WEB OF LIES -

Of course it hasn't and it stands as a clear example of how these organisations are content to cover up the wrong doings of police officers even when the concerns related to the safety and well being of our children. You might be interested to know that police have recently gained access to the IPCC and are investigating the IPCC's involvement in the cover up of child abuse. A brief article on this can be viewed here; 

In addition, I am sure it's not escaped your notice that the Metropolitan Police's SAPPHIRE sexual offences unit is to be reformed and merged with the child exploitation investigation team (CAIT). It was my concern back in 2008 that the officers I was dealing with had little experience with Child abuse investigations or the harm that they can cause. It was these concerns that I attempted to raise, yet instead of listening and responding professionally, they felt a better and more expedient use of public resource was to stitch me up and shut me down.

It seems that the Met Police has finally come to the realisation, some 5 yrs later, with it's reputation badly tarnished, that they need to change. A shame they didn't listen many years ago and spared other children the ordeal of child abuse.

Defamation case against former Commander Julian Worker:

This case is pending the outcome of a separate IPCC investigation into the actions and comments of this senior (former) officer to a politician taking up support of my case.

I doubt the IPCC will do anything meaningful, and look forward to having the matter out in the High Court. No doubt the Metropolitan Police will be squirming when it has been proven that their investigation was negligent into the grooming matter I reported to them. Indeed Commander Worker was simply asked to respond to the concerns raised in the article 'WEB OF LIES' published by Private Eye.

Instead of ensuring his officers had indeed conducted a proper investigation and addressing the concerns raised in the article, Commander Worker felt the best use of his public role was to smear me in an email. Sadly smear is often used by the police to detract from their own failings, fortunately on this occasion it has been discovered and is set to go before the High Court.

Dates to be announced.

Other matters;

There are some very interesting side issues to this case which i am afraid you will all have to wait till the book comes out and reveals all..... Already author has begun to write the 1st draft, they are loving the material in the case and find it fascinating.

Media interest continues to be strong, a touch hamstrung in printing full details due to ongoing criminal prosecutions.


Any one wishing to make a donation, financial or offers of assistance to the JusticeNOW campaign, please make contact.

Many thanks to those of you that have contributed to assist this work, you know who you are and your help has been very helpful and vital to this work.

Dates for your diary

20th & 21st August 2013 - St Albans Crown Court - retrial of the 'stitch up in Stevenage'

21st of August 2013 - victory party in location to be announced





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