Subject: More about mortgages & things ...
From: Veronica
Date: 27/4/13 4:58 pm
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I forgot to provide reference material in yesterday's "Day of Judgement on mortgages" e-mail.

First of all, there's my attempt a full-ish explanation:

And then there the website of those at the sharp end of using the Registration Gap argument:

And finally (on that site), the latest judgement (breakthrough news):

... where you'll see that Designated Civil Judge HHJ Barry Cotter had to bow to the previous judgement of Designated Civil Judge HHJ Philip ("Get them buses out! Oooooh I 'ate yew ...") ... Butler.

We've learned quite few trivia, recently.

First of all, the 'rank' of "Designated Civil Judge" is a new one, on us. But apparently that's about as "Archangel" to "God". So when a judgement comes from that height, The Supreme Court is about the only higher step. Thus the guesstimate is that the Registration Gap argument is likely to make it into the Supreme Court.

"HHJ", by the way, does NOT mean "Head Honcho Jackass", or "Ha! Ha! Joke's (on you)".

It means "His/Her Honour, Judge ... whatever ..." which is (of course) gobsmacking! Who would EVER have thought that was what it meant? (No clue on the tin!)

And then, the other thing (for what it's worth) they divide their Legal-Land into:

1. "Limited Jurisdictions" ... which would be Magistrates (Court) Star Chambers and County (Court) Star Chambers

2. "UNlimited Jurisdictions" ... which are the High (Court) Star Chambers, Star Chambers of Appeal, etc.

An erroneous Order issued by a "Limited Jurisdiction" is "voidable" ... which means it remains in place until voided by a Higher Star Chamber. (So don't go around shouting "That Order is void!" ... until you have appealed it, and had it quashed)

An erroneous Order issued by an "UNlimited Jurisdiction" is "void" ... because there isn't really anywhere higher to take it. BUT YOU'D BETTER MAKE SURE THAT IT IS ERRONEOUS ... and the best thing to do would be to try to have it declared void (by either an Archangel or by God)