Subject: A piece from a 9/11 plane??????
From: Veronica
Date: 27/4/13 10:28 pm
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

Hot off the Press

From John Lear (highly experienced Airline & Aviation Pilot ... flown everything that flies, in his time ... son of Bill Lear, inventor of the Lear Jet) ...

... And I quote:

"It's bullshit. It's not aviation construction, it's Ace Hardware. Too thin, no cotter pins etc. "

(And John Lear should know ....)

PS John tells a story about himself. Which has since become an in-joke amongst his friends. Being who he is, and with his experience, he can board any plane in the world, and go and sit in the (usually empty) seat reserved - in the cockpit - for an Instructor. One day he was flying back to Los Angeles, from Florida, with a friend ... who had to get a regular ticket, and sit in the Passenger Cabin. They got separated (for some reason) and the friend found his seat, and took the flight. In Los Angeles, he then tried to find John ... but couldn't. What had happened is that John had sat down in the wrong plane, and flown up north. So the joke is "John Lear ... the man who can't find the right plane".