Subject: The 'Day of Judgement' on mortgages ...
From: Veronica
Date: 26/4/13 10:15 pm
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

... has (apparently) moved inexorably closer by one small step ... thanks to the works of those dedicated to protect themselves, and their homes.

The ramifications of this apply to virtually everyone.

I've sent out e-mails before about the "Registration Gap argument" which ... fundamentally by pointing one Statute against another ... results in the pure Common Sense argument that Banks & Financial Institutions put 'the cart before the horse' when creating a mortgage.

Which means that, in Law (AND in "Legal") every mortgage is completely VOID.

(And so it should be ... for the very simple reason that anyone with a mortgage pays for the property - IN FULL - by means of the Signature they make when establishing the mortgage. Yes ... I know ... some people have a problem understanding that! But it's absolutely true once you understand THE ILLUSION of 'money'!)

All arguments based on THE ILLUSION of 'money' have failed to impress any Star Chamber so-called 'Judges' ... who see it as their duty to uphold the (utterly corrupt) system ... thereby ensuring that "civilisation doesn't fall apart" ... as if any UTTERLY CORRUPT SYSTEM  could ever be called "civilisation"!

"Civilisation" is actually the Non-Aggression Principle via The Common Law.

But I digress.

Arguments appertaining to THE ILLUSION of 'money' have invariably been 'bounced out of the Star Chamber' on the basis of "Having no merit" ... their favourite window-dressing for "We can't argue with you ... because we don't have any rebuttal ... just do as your are told ... SLAVE!"

Then, unfortunately (for them) the "Registration Gap argument" came to light. Which (in summary) says "There's no LAWFUL mortgage in existence, until the Charge  is registered at the Land Registry" ...and "Without a LAWFUL mortgage in existence, the Bank has no right to lodge a Charge with the Land Registry"

A wonderful "Catch-22" ... if ever there was one!

Now ... you may say ... that it should be easy-peasy for 'Them' to suitably adjust the wording, so as to remove the "Catch-22"?

Well ... no ... you see ... the problem is that the wording was VERY CAREFULLY arranged in the first place ... and 'adjusting it' would let far too many cats out of far too many bags.

And the point is that Appeals AGAINST granted Possession Orders ... were lodged on the basis of the Registration Gap argument ... and 'They' suddenly discovered that these Appeals couldn't be dismissed as "Having no merit". Simply because it was only necessary to quote the wordings of two of 'Their' meat & drink Statutes back at 'Them'.


And, not only that, it's now got to about 'one stage just below Supreme Star Chamber level'. And is STILL being held as a valid argument, 'to be resolved'.

Now ... Appeals are NEVER granted UNLESS there is a 'reasonable prospect of success'.

And one of the most senior Civil Star Chamber so-called Judges has pronounced on this issue ... which (in summary) can be stated as "Errrrr ... yes ... there is something to be resolved here!"

This puts all the 'lower level' Star Chamber PSYCHOPATHS in a bit of a bind. 'Coz they dare not go against this Most Very Important So-Called 'Judge'. (Apparently one of these plebs did try, and 'nothing was heard of him ... subsequently'! As in "Shut up fuckwit ... you don't disagree with His Worship the Most Very Important So-Called 'Judge'!!!").

Which means that now, anyone with a beef (i.e. so-called Possession Order) can now quote this Most Very Important So-Called 'Judge', and get an Appeal almost certainly granted ... well 'certainly granted' is probably more likely ... since someone on this list did just that today (on behalf of someone else) ... and will ... we believe ... repeat that next week, in his own case.

Let's be crystal clear, here. If these Appeals go through VIRTUALLY EVERY MORTGAGE IS NULL & VOID.

Which means that:

(a) You own your own home free & clear

(b) Everything you paid, in monthly payments, is owed back to you PLUS interest (but that's 'taxable', of course!)

(c) Bayleafs will not have a lot to do, from then on ... and those who engaged in 'violence' of any kind CAN be prosecuted for their CRIMINAL ACTIONS ... because they will have had NO JUSTIFICATION whatsoever for what they did (even though, in Law, they never had any justification anyway ... by their own rules)

There was one more thing that has been discovered. Just about the only thing (apart from the above) that can seem to overturn a Possession Warrant is 'oppression'.

If you have been subjected to 'oppression', you can use that to overturn such a Warrant.

In the case quoted, a Council Tenant was being evicted. He rung up the Council to discuss it, and was told the person concerned was not there, and would not be there the following day. He was evicted the day after that.  He won his Appeal on the basis of "Not being given a reasonable chance to discuss, and thus - possibly - avoid the Possession Warrant" ... and that was determined to be 'oppression'. (Whoooaaa!!!)