Subject: Sirius? You cannot be serious!
From: Veronica
Date: 25/4/13 7:18 pm
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

Although it's been taken down from YooToob, this morning I watched a copy of Dr. Steven Greer's so-called "Full Documentary" - entitled "Sirius".

It was this film that prompted the Daily Fail to write the article I posted yesterday:

In point of fact the film points out that, while the six-inch-tall-creature's DNA test does suggest 'close to Human', it doesn't actually say that it IS Human.

I listened quite hard to that bit. I have some understanding of what was said, due to Lloyd Pye's (very in-depth) information regarding the Star Child Skull.

What I heard was that the mitochondrial DNA (from 'Mother') was tested to be 'close to Human' ... BUT WITH A NUMBER OF WEIRD ANOMALIES, currently now catalogued ... but 'reasons for these anomalies unknown'.

I didn't hear anything about nuclear DNA (i.e. from 'Father').

And this WAS the same situation with the Star Child a year or so ago, until the latest DNA testing (plus a 'light-bulb moment' from the Geneticist unravelling the Star Child's DNA).

Subsequent to all that, the Star Child is NOW determined to be 'as far away from Human as it is possible to be' ... i.e. bloody-fucking-Alien!!!!

So ... irrespective of the Daily Fail, all bets are still ongoing, methinks.

However - as for the film Sirius itself - you can watch it if you like (if you can find a copy), but I would say that it really wasn't worth it.

There was actually nothing new in it, for Sirius ... I mean serious ... UFO researchers.

You'll already know it all.

Fundamentally it just makes Dr. Steven Greer look good, and could be viewed as more of a publicity stunt, than anything else.

And the production/editing is - in my view - appalling. It darts backwards & forwards between points it's (presumably) trying to make - such that (if you didn't know what it was talking about), I think you'd be totally confused ... "Are they talking about this ... or are they talking about that?".

I suppose the most positive thing I can say about it is - that it seems pretty harmless. I think there is an attempt to galvanise the population of the world to DEMAND "UFO Disclosure". But, looking at the way this attempt is presented, I think it would turn more people 'off' than 'on' ... especially when you see all the CSETI Members sitting around in a circle, and humming "OOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMM" ... in order to encourage ETs to 'show themselves' ... via a CE-5 (Close Encounter of the 5th Kind). (Even though, apparently, CE-5s have worked hundreds of times)

Whooooaa! Good luck Dr. Greer! I think you'd have a lot more luck by listening to what "Bashar" tells us (e.g. ... and so on), and what Lloyd Pye/Star Child Skull ( has achieved (neither, of course, mentioned in this film!)

It seems to me that it's the difference between CE-5s "Ooooh! Look! A UFO!!!! Quick ... point your video camera at it!!!! Did you get it? Yes? Brilliant!!!! That's one for the archives!"

... and ...

"Bashar" telling us that we are Immortal, Spiritual, Beings of Concious Energy ... such that Conciousness is simply experiencing ITSELF through us, and:

 "The way to Enlightenment ... is to simply 'Lighten Up'!"

... and

"If you exist, it is because Creation has given you the Right to exist. If you did not have that Right, then you would not exist. Simple logic & physics"

... and that

"If you want to Meditate ... that's fine ... if that's what you want to do ... but it's only a Permission Slip that you are giving to yourself ... it's totally unnecessary if you want to connect in other ways ... 'praying' is - for example - yet another way ... another kind of Permission Slip ... but there are many others ... do what suits you best ... as long as you are following your HIGHEST EXCITEMENT and PASSION ... THAT'S ALL YOU NEED TO DO ..."

I find this sort of thing much more useful  ... and there's loads & loads more from "Bashar".

I recall one of the videos clips (on the DVD I've created) ... where a woman questioner says to Bashar:

"I'm a member of CSETI" ... and Bashar says "All right" (as usual)
... and she says: "... we are searching for Extra-Terrestrial ..." and Bashar interjects: "HERE I AA-AM!!!" (to a great deal of merriment, from the audience.