Subject: Problem-Reaction-SOLUTION
From: Veronica
Date: 18/4/13 10:41 am
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

I haven't commented on (what is called) "The Boston Massacre" for the simple reason that it's more likely (than not) to turn out into yet another 'false flag', in order to carry on the Mind-Enslavement of the Sheeple. As far as I'm concerned people who want to investigate it, can investigate it, but I'm not really interested.

Even if it isn't a 'false flag', it is simply "the same old problem, just in a different wrapper" … as I recently accused the UK Column & David Icke of continually (and mindlessly) promulgating. Therefore, while people focus any of their attention (at all) on each of the different wrappers, they are completely missing the point (in my view). They are:

1. Letting themselves be distracted from the core problem, and

2. Allowing themselves to wallow in "fear porn", and creating negative energy

… which is PRECISELY what "The Powers That Be" want to happen.

The core problem is - I have realised, thanks to Larken Rose - that "Government is, and always was, TOTALLY ILLEGITIMATE". And that's where EVERYTHING stems from.

One of the things Larken reminded me of, is an experiment performed in the 1960s, by a Professor Stanley Milgram. This was just after the Vietnam War.

Prof. Milgram devised an experiment to try to identify just how far ORDINARY PEOPLE (not 'military') would be prepared to go "in the name of authority".

And the results were astounding.

The "authority", in Prof. Milgram's experiment, was nothing more than a Laboratory Assistant, in a Lab Coat, applying absolutely no threat whatsoever, and no coercion except 'prods' such as "Please continue with the experiment", and "The experiment must continue", etc. There was not even a threat to say "You'll not get paid the $4 you were promised". It was made quite clear, at the outset, that the promised $4 would be paid simply for "turning up at the Lab" … whether or not the experiment was completed.

The experiment involved an Actor, pretending to be electrocuted. The Subject of the experiment was an "ordinary person" (from all walks of life, age, sex, occupation, etc), who was told to administer electric shocks, in increasing amounts, if the Actor made wrong answers to questions.

The Subject was seated in front of a machine that was calibrated in voltages … from 15volts (which one would not feel) all the way up to 450volts. Well, since UK Mains is 240volts … imagine 450? Each voltage had a switch. Above each switch was labelled the voltage to be applied. Above those were labels indicating a rough guide to the pain level the switch would create.

The Actor (who was supposed to receive the shocks) could be heard by the Subject. At "higher voltage levels" the Actor would scream in pain, and demanded to be released. He would cry "My heart can't stand this!!! Oh … stop … stop … stop!!!"

Many of the Subjects would turn to the Lab Assistant, and ask for "guidance as to what to do". And the Assistant would say "Please continue" … and so on.

TWO THIRDS OF THE SUBJECTS … decent, ordinary people, who wouldn't normally hurt a fly … WENT ALL THE WAY UP TO 450VOLTS … under these conditions … with the Actor SCREAMING IN PAIN!!!

Just because they ASSUMED that the Lab Assistant had "authority".

Now … what does that say about the way we've all been brainwashed into "Doing what someone who ASSUMES authority tells us to do"????


Is this sort of thing explained?

(Good for the guy who stood on his Rights!!!)

I heard of another experiment where they got two groups of College Students formed into "Prisoners" and "Jailers" … and set it up realistically … telling the Jailers to "do what's necessary to prevent escape", and the "Prisoners" to "do as much as you can to try to escape". The "Jailers" were given the equipment (batons, etc).

The result was that - eventually - "Jailers" were literally hitting "Prisoners" with the batons … JUST BECAUSE THEY WANTED TO "DO GOOD" i.e. "Get good marks in the experiment".

These are the fundamental problems we need to overcome, and to concentrate on, in my view.

And the first step is easy-peasy. We have the May Elections coming up … DON'T VOTE!!!! Don't give them ANY EXCUSE to claim legitimacy!!!! Encourage others NOT TO VOTE.

At least we can do that much.