Subject: Let's look at it like this.
From: Veronica
Date: 17/4/13 10:58 am
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

Imagine I am person "A".

And I know someone, who we can call person "B" … who doesn't have a car, but needs one.

And I also know someone, who we can call person "C", who has a car.

Now, can I give C's car to B? Am I entitled to do that?

Of course, the answer is "No!"

But … hold on! I also know lots of other people … let's call them D, E, F … all the way through to Z.

Now, they all agree with me … that B should have C's car.

Can WE, that's me, B together with D … Z … all 25 of us … override the fact that C's car doesn't belong to any of us, but … nevertheless … because of our 'numerical advantage' in the matter … give C's car to B?

Well, the answer is still "No!", isn't it?

It doesn't matter how many I have on my side … it's NOT my car … it's not OUR car ... it belongs to C … and I (or We) have no Right to give it to B!

(Sorry, B, no can do! You'll just have to walk!)

D … Z is an "Electorate". And I'm a "Politician". And D .. Z (and possibly B, as well) voted for me. And C is someone who didn't vote for me.

Does that change anything? Does that somehow give me any superior Right - to override the wishes of C - just because I have an Electoral Vote behind me?

Errr … nope!

Thus ANY CLAIM I MAY HAVE …TO ANY 'SUPERIOR' RIGHTS … just because I was "democratically elected" … IS BOGUS … ILLEGITIMATE.

As an Elected Politician, I have no more Rights to ANYTHING … than anyone else.

My Rights are:

1. Exactly the same, and

2. Exactly the same size.

… as any other individual.

So … if that's the case … what is the point of me being a Politician? What is the point of ANY Politician? What is the point of "Politics"?

Oh … you tell me … because all I can see is ILLEGITIMACY (however "democratically" I was elected!)


And when a Politician - or group - write something down on a piece of paper - as a result of any ritual they may go through via the Houses of Parliament … THE RESULT IS STILL ENTIRELY ***ILLEGITIMATE***.

Isn't it about time we all realised this?

I think so.