Subject: Initial contact from Portsmouth Presentation 13th April 2013
From: Veronica
Date: 17/4/13 12:09 pm
To: undisclosed-recipients:;


I left the sheet of paper with Jane Long, who has now sent it to me.

For those of you who actually receive this e-mail ... it seems I managed to read your writing.

(For those of you who don't receive this email ... sorry ... but I DID request that you PRINT your e-mail address! Of course, you won't even know this was sent, and you'll think I ignored you ... but ... hey ho .... I'll know ... because I'll get a 'bounce back', telling me "It couldn't be delivered")

The list was entitled "Veronica's CD & Contact List".

So this means you put your name down because:

1. You wanted a copy of my Presentation CD (only)

2. You wanted to go onto my Contact List (only)

3. Or you wanted BOTH.

Now ... I can't send anyone anything without a Postal Address. So, in the case of (1), above, you'll have to e-mail me back with that address.

Secondly, I don't send e-mails to those who don't want them. So, in the case of (2), above, you'll have to e-mail me back confirming you want inclusion in my Regular List of Recipients. (Of course, that excludes those already on that List! And you know who you are)

In the case of (3), above, you'll need to do both.

I am actually in the process of constructing a DVD (in fact I've basically finished it in the last few days) ... which has a lot of the stuff that was on the Presentation CD ... AND A WHOLE LOT MORE BESIDES. So anything I send out is likely to be the DVD, rather than CD.

Everything is (a) Either from my head, OR (b) Freely available on YooToob ... so there's absolutely no 'copyright' on anything, and you would be able to freely copy & distribute copies as much as you wish.

We need a BRAND NEW PARADIGM, ladies & gentlemen ... and that's what the DVD is all about.

Veronica xxx