Subject: What's it all about, Alfie?
From: Veronica
Date: 15/4/13 6:09 pm
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What is happening?

Throughout history there have been many people who have been considered to be 'radicals'. 'Unorthodox '. 'Unconventional'. 'Wackos', with 'weird ideas', and so on.

Such people have often been derided, and even burned at the stake.

Who is to say that these people didn't actually know something? That most of us didn't? When they tried to tell us what they knew?

One of the most basic things they lacked, was probably 'vocabulary', insofar as that they were trying to say could only be expressed in the form of 'Angels' and 'Demons', and so on. Simply because those listening were (what we would, today, term) 'unsophisticated'.  And could, therefore, only begin to comprehend 'unsophisticated explanations'.

Nowadays, we have a considerable advantage, in the fact that - due to our acceptance of (what we call) technological devices (cars, aeroplanes, computers, Mobile Phones, etc … even Space Shuttles and Satellites), we can begin to comprehend certain things which our ancestors could not.

Because we can start to frame analogies, using modern terms, to explain things heretofore unexplainable.

For example, David Icke's analogy of the "TV Channel", which says that "We fully understand that, while viewing BBC1, BBC2 is still functioning, but our TV set doesn't acknowledge that fact  - by virtue of us having switched the dial to BBC1". However, these days, we can have confirmation that BBC2 is still broadcasting quite normally because - while watching BBC1, we can record something being transmitted on BBC2.

Now, try to think of the sophistication of that (apart from all the technology involved) whereby, in one's Living Room, a demonstration of total concurrent operation is there in front of our eyes - in such a way that we even become blasé about it.

I contend that, this was "The Nature of 21st December, 2012".

Yeah … yeah … yeah .. we had all the "fear porn" leading up to that date, including the books, the disaster-movie film, and the book-of-the-film, and the film-of-the-book, etc. etc. . I didn't believe a word of it, myself.

But, according to Bashar the 21st of December, 2012 WAS a MASSIVE TURNING POINT. Although no-one actually noticed.

It was a 'turning point in the Collective Conscious of the population on this planet'.

And the very fact that Bashar (himself) was around, leading up to that date, and onwards, is all a part of the plot.

Because this 'turning point in the Collective Conscious of the population on this planet' was actually A TRANSFORMATION.

A TRANSFORMATION that only now, we could begin to understand. Because we now have sufficient sophisticated technology, to PROVIDE US WITH THE ANALOGIES, that we need for that 'understanding'.

(I got to my point at last!)

By virtue of the technologies we now have, 'it is - now - possible to' construct sufficient analogies to under stand the Transformation i.e. WHAT IT MEANS, AND WHAT WE NEED TO DO IN ORDER TO FOLLOW IT THROUGH, AND WHAT THE RESULT WILL BE.

And that was not possible, until now. Because without the possibilities of those analogies, we would flounder in a sea of incomprehension, just like out ancestors.

And that (IMHO) is why it all fits together neatly. That's why it's NOW.

And that's why you & I were born into this time. (That's why we chose it).

I'll throw in a couple of examples, so I hope you'll see what I mean.

Example 1 - Realities

Bashar tells us that there are an infinite number of 'Realities'. And what we need to do is to choose the one we 'prefer', and move our Core Signature Vibration Frequency to align with our preference.

And that there is no such thing as what we call 'time'. All of these infinite Realities exist IN ONE SINGLE MOMENT OF ALL THAT EVER IS - called "Now".

But, what the hell is "an infinite number of Realities"? Well, now, we can create an analogy.

The analogy is a cine film which, absent the invention of cine photography, we would not be able to understand.

A 'Reality' is equivalent to a frame on a cine film. Fixed into tablets of stone, immobile, and utterly stationary. And the next frame along is slightly different, and so on. Run that film through a Projector, and - on the screen - you can see 'movement'.

And that's what The Universe is. An infinite number of 'stills'. Each 'still' being the part of a Reality (Set i.e. consecutive sequence of Reality frames). Everything that ever was, or even could be, is somewhere, in frames, along that cine film.

'Movement' - as we understand it - is the fact that BILLIONS OF TIMES PER SECOND - our brains are 'playing that cine film' in our heads … thereby creating 'movement' in the Reality that forms THAT PART (that Chapter? Segment?) of the cine film.

Our brains do it naturally, without us realising it. It's a 'function' that comes with the package called Sentient Life. (And possibly even Organic Life as a whole … we are beginning to be told).

Under this scheme, you choose the 'Reality Set' you prefer. If you don't want the one that includes Chemtrails, vibrate at a Reality Set that doesn't contain them - and so on. The Reality Sets that include Chemtrails will still be there, and always will be, and there will be people who still live in that Reality Set … but you won't ... any longer.

How do you change your vibration to the Reality Set you prefer. BE YOURSELF? ALWAYS DO WHAT GIVES YOU THE MOST EXCITEMENT *** BUT WITHOUT EXPECTATION ***.  Hold on to that, KNOWING (not 'believing' or 'thinking' or 'hoping') that the Universe will eventually move you to the Reality Set you prefer.

Do that with everything. Realise that your Reality Set is only ever in your head, anyway. So that's where things change … nowhere else.

Example 2 - Travel

We think of objects being 'at a distance'. Bashar knows that objects exist 'at LOCATIONS'. And that every object, in The Universe, has a 'Location Property'. And, if you change the 'Location Property' you change the location. Thus if a Space Ship is encircling his planet, and they change the Location Property of it to 'Earth', then his ship appears 50 miles above Sedona, Arizona (for example).

And we can understand that now because - now we have computers - we can understand the concept of 'Properties'.

As I type this up in Word, each character on the page has 'Properties'. If I swipe through a character, with the Mouse, it highlights. I can then Right-Click the Mouse, and a pop-up Menu appears, offering me the Properties of that character ('Font' mainly, but other things, such as 'Paragraph', etc). 'Font' includes a number of Properties, such as Font Face (Arial, Times New Roman, etc), Font Size (11-12-14pt, etc), Font Colour … and so on.

But each character also has a Location Property … i.e. precisely where it appears on the page, and which pages it is used on, and which documents it's used in (and which computers those documents are on, etc).

And, by means of Cut & Paste I can - at few clicks of the Mouse - CHANGE THE CHARACTER'S PROPERTY LOCATION.

Thus, by means if that analogy, we can begin to understand how UFOs can get here?

And that's just two examples, providing analogies that allow us to grasp aspects of the Transformation Process, as our first steps in understanding what it's all about.

What is it all about?

It's all about Source/Consciousness/God-if-you-want-to-call-it-that EXPERIENCING ITSELF through US. Because we are all a part of The One. And the test is to see "How far we can accept limitations, AND STILL OVERCOME THEM".

The reason why we were allowed to incarnate here - at this time - is because (Bashar tell us) we are MASTERCLASS for that job. Simply The Best. The creme-de-la-crème of Spiritual Immortals. The Cabal were asked (by US) to throw everything conceivable at US, to provide us with MAXIMUM LIMITATION aka MAXIMUM EVIL  - so that we could see if we could overcome it.

Bashar likens it to the rubber band that you wrap around a finger, and pull it back as far as you possibly can (that's equivalent to the 'limitation' we ASKED to endure). When that rubber band is released, it will shoot so far forward, it will reach the other side of the room. That's the analogy as to how much Spiritual Progress we will make IN AN INSTANT.

We are told that the entire Universe is watching what happens here, with bated breath. Because if we can overcome the sort of limitation we know we experience, then ANYTHING is possible.

Well, that's what we've been told.

 (Just thought you might like to know)