Subject: I did say Obama was a 'mixed bag' ...
From: Veronica
Date: 15/4/13 10:41 am
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... and it's true, that he is.

It may very well be (actually is much more likely) that the idea was to conquer America (as opposed to conquering Iran).

A HIGHLY-KNOWLEDGEABLE American Grandmother speaks out:

And that's the gospel truth. Every last bit of it.

PS: I forgot the mention something I read years ago (about 2008). It said that back (as I recall) in the 1990s, a defecting KGB Agent told an American Investigator that Obama was going to be President one day. That Obama had been chosen and groomed specifically for that role (by the Russians ... as a Manchurian Candidate). Obama's current mentor, Bill Ayers, is (of course) a die-hard Communist.

We have to change our realities. To one that doesn't contain all this shit.