Subject: To those I met in Portsmouth ...
From: Veronica
Date: 14/4/13 11:22 pm
To: undisclosed-recipients:;


1. LOVELY to meet you all!

2. I hope you got home safely, as I did.

3. Those I made promises to ... you'll need to e-mail me, in order to continue.

4. I think it might have been wrong for me to go on last ... BUT IT WAS FUNDAMENTALLY MY IDEA TO DO IT THAT WAY ... so I take the Rap ... and apologise for any disappointment.

(However we could - possibly - have re-arranged things, if enough people had 'stated a preferred running order' ... at the start. I'm fairly sure we stated the running order and - to the best of my knowledge - no-one objected)

How can I make things right? Well, I don't charge a fee ... only travel expenses (which meant Brian, who took me, got his petrol paid). So if anyone wants to hire a venue, and to charge an entrance fee just to cover the costs of the venue, then I'll come and speak to any size of gathering, large or small. Just as long as it's only me, I think. Otherwise - like Saturday - I'll be knackered before I start.  Would that help?