Subject: Another look at Barack Obama
From: Veronica
Date: 14/4/13 2:59 pm
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

Make of this assessment what you will. I do urge you to actually watch the links I've included. Even if you watched them before. In my view they cannot be watched enough times.

Barack Obama.

What mixed bag!

I knew that, before he was elected in 2008, he did not have the Right (under the US Constitution) to be a President.

(I also knew that his opponent - at the time - John McCain - had no Right either!)

(I also knew, by then, that all US Elections were utterly fake & bogus, such that - whatever the outcome - a thing called "democracy" would not be served).

Nevertheless, Obama faked his way into the Presidency, like he'd faked his way up the ladder, from the start. (Nothing new there ... they all do that).

Add that the to sworn testimony of Larry Sinclair, and you have a fake US President, who get his rocks off by smoking crack cocaine, from a glass pipe, while Larry sucked Obama's cock.

Add to that, Obama's lying to the Illinois Bar Association, in order to get his licence to practice (so-called) "Law", and both his - and his wife's - subsequent "voluntary surrender" of their Law Practice Licences … which is something one does about 5 seconds before one is going to be banned from practice, anyway.

Not good, is it? Or even was it?

And I said so at the time. And I also said that Obama was (in my opinion) a complete piece of shit.

But, as I said, he faked his way into office. And for 4 years displayed (via his apparently insane "Executive Orders") an absolute contempt for the American People … INSOFAR AS WHAT -THEY- THINK "America is all about"!

And - even after all that - he fake-wins a 2nd Term, including a close association with co-founder of the Weathermen Underground Communist Organisation, by the name of Bill Ayers. (This organisation having taken responsibility for something like 12 bombing campaigns within the States united).

So, it doesn't look any better, does it?

However, in the last year, I've been forced to undergo a re-assessment (and eat a lot of my previous words). It started when I became utterly convinced that - underneath everything - Obama is a die-hard Muslim.

And, what did that mean?

Well, it meant that:

(a) He had consistently expressed support for the Palestinians (Arabs/Muslims!)

(b) And that, without a shadow of a doubt (had Shrub & Co still been in office, via McCain), a war against Iran would have been initiated. Which didn't happen … or (at least) hasn't happened yet. And I don't think it will. And I've been saying so for quite a while … because Obama is ANTI-ISRAEL! (Which is something the makes Netanyahu apoplectic!). Obama is a die-hard Muslim. And Iran are die-hard Arabs/Muslims. Obama would NOT attack Iran.

I'll put that another way. Obama has prevented war.

Now you can roll all the other stuff in. Obama's fixation with Drones. The 'secret Kill List' targeting assassinations on his say-so. Obamacare forced Health Insurance. The creation of NDAA. The application of Gun Control. The False-Flags of Aurora & Sandy Hook.

All of it. A total mixed bag.

But, I firmly believe, Obama has prevented war.

There's a YooToob: … which purports to show us what Obama is like, and how devious he is. And it comes to these conclusions ... Obama has:

1. Threatened the US Constitution … well - as Larken Rose agues, very forcibly and perfectly rationally … that might not be a bad thing, because it might very well be an extremely good idea to bin the US Constitution … and all others with it. Samples:
... and

2. Weakened America's defences … well that video doesn't, exactly, say how. But if one considers NOT starting a war with Iran (or anyone else), it could be argued that "America's Defences" haven't been frittered away … as previous Presidents have done.

3. Encouraged America's enemies … once again: "Which enemies?" … errr ... they don't say. If the perceived enemy is Iran's Nuclear Electricity Generation Program, then the perception is wrong … according to the Atomic Energy Commission. So … sorry guys … argue with the AEC over whether that's an enemy or not, and get your act straight.

4. Irritated America's closest Allies … oh … yes … the "closest Ally" is (of course) Israel.  And Obama has seriously upset them by NOT starting wars (e.g. with Iran) at their behest. I think we can all manage with that kind of "irritation" … in fact the more of it the merrier, IMHO!

5. Moved America towards Socialism … yes … he most certainly has. But that's with in a paradigm that demands acceptance of "Socialism" .vs. "Capitalism". It might be a good idea to stop following paradigms?

6. Increased America's Budget Deficit … oh dear … did he do that? Well, MONEY IS AN ILLUSION, and the Sacred Mantra is "So what?":

7. Increased America's National Debt … oh dear … did he do that? Well, MONEY IS AN ILLUSION, and see the Sacred Mantra, above.

8. Weakened America's Economy … oh dear … did he do that? Well, ECONOMY IS AN ILLUSION, and see the Sacred Mantra, above.

9. Trivialised the War on Terror … the "War on Terror" is utterly bogus, and requires as much "trivialisation" as we can muster.

10. Failed to meet his promises … fuck me … he a Politician!!!! What did you expect?????

Not just America, but the entire world, needs to GET IT'S FUCKING ACT STRAIGHT!!!