Subject: Right ... now let's expose Tesco ...
From: Veronica
Date: 12/4/13 10:03 am
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Tesco drops 11-year ban on eggs from chickens fed on GM soya diet as it blames farmers and suppliers for the decision

Daily Fail not quite failing (for once):

(Oh geeez! Look at the name of the article author! All it needs is a "y" on the end)
Peter Melchett is policy director at the Soil Association, which  supports organic farming.

He accused Tesco of ignoring the wishes of customers and said it was simply wrong to claim it was  difficult to get non-GM feed.

‘Tesco are ignoring the overwhelming majority of the British people,’ he said. ‘Shamefully, Tesco are planning to keep their use of GM feed secret from their customers.’

He added: ‘Tesco are also wrong about the availability of non-GM animal feed. They have swallowed the line being pedalled by multi-national, industrial farming companies that non-GM feed is getting scarcer. In fact, in Brazil alone, there is enough non-GM animal feed to supply the whole of Europe.’

The Food Standards Agency says that the DNA from GM soya is not present in the meat of animals fed on it, nor in products such as eggs or milk.

Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? I don't think I've ever read anything MORE STUPID in my entire life!!!!!!


What else ... do you think ... your body is??????????????????

But critics claim scientists have shown that fragments of genetically modified DNA, at least,  are present in the resulting food.

Damn right!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Morrisons and Asda have already dropped their own bans on GM feed. Marks & Spencer and Sainsbury’s are still refusing to use GM for their chickens.

I guess we need to support Marks & Sparks & Sainsbury's.