Subject: The whole problem in 2 minutes
From: Veronica
Date: 10/4/13 6:20 pm
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Larken Rose ... "The whole problem in 2 minutes"

... that's exactly what I've been saying ... but it takes me more than 2 minutes.

And that, fundamentally, is all you need to get your head around ... for starters.

In case you missed it:

1. "Can't delegate a Right you don't have"  (As I said in my book) So ... for Parliament to have any kind of "Right" ... then it must have come from us. Therefore WE have as much Right as Parliament IN EVERY CONCEIVABLE CIRCUMSTANCE.

2. "Can't have a moral obligation to do what you think is wrong" (Something I forgot to point out in my book ... well ... I couldn't think of everything!) So YOUR CONSCIENCE overrides any 'command from some proclaimed authority' ... which means that THEY CAN'T BE ANY KIND OF AUTHORITY (in the first place).

3. "Can't alter morality by means of Legislation" ... so ..either Legislation MATCHES "morality" ... which means Legislation is (therefore) redundant (because we have morality anyway), or Legislation contravenes morality ... which means Legislation is ineffective, irrelevant, and thus redundant. (As I said in my book)

Thus, "Government & associated Legislation" is redundant and irrelevant (as I said in my book).

We have morality (in the form of The Common Law) ... as I said in my book!

Thank you, Larken, for expressing it in 2 minutes flat.