Subject: Lord Monckton exposed for duplicity
From: Veronica
Date: 10/4/13 2:00 pm
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

Another "Gatekeeper" ... just like Noam Chomsky & Tony Benn, etc.

"Controlled opposition" ... standard technique used to "corral your mind".

YOU HAVE TO LEARN TO THINK FOR YOURSELF ... and stop letting these shills "Tell you what to think".

Chemtrails are REAL ... just look up in the sky (for Heaven's sake ... no pun intended!).

AND ***STOP*** "following Leaders" ... start "following yourself".

Start a "None of the above" Political Party ... if you think "politics" is a way to do it.

It really comes to something when we discover that the Monster Raving Loonies were right all along.