Subject: Fwd: Would You Like A Little Light Relief?
From: Veronica
Date: 10/4/13 10:06 am
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Mike Bridger's efforts to:

(a) Enlighten by providing SOLUTIONS (as opposed to problems aka "fear porn")  (Oh ... don't lets go "there" again ...)
(b) Never had so much FUN (my highlighting)

Well worth thinking about.

(But make sure you get there on time ... see what happened to Art ... he got locked out!)


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Subject: Would You Like A Little Light Relief?
Date: Wed, 10 Apr 2013 01:44:27 +0200
From: Mike Bridger <>
To: Veronica <>

Hi, Veronica.
Thank you so much for telling folk about the White Rabbit Education Meeting in Watford tonight.  I don't know if any came as a consequence of your input but the numbers doubled from six to twelve in a fortnight.

Here's a post I put up on tonight. 

"...Just had a lovely evening with some of the best people. Someone old, someone new, someone borrowed and someone who..... Didn't quite get it. (Me) lol lol lol. White Rabbit Education(Watford) has moved from six folk to a dozen. They came from as far afield as Oxford, Cambridge, DERBY!!! and Herne Bay in KENT!!!! All the way to little old us in Watford. Who could believe it? We also had some locals from Northwood, Midd'x and Letchworth, Herts. WOW!!! One chap got there after the scheduled start time (sorry Art) I did say that when the door closes, the door closes and we can't hear the door bell or knocker. (We only learned of his 'miss' during a break when a mutual friend switched on his 'phone and received a text message.) Even so, It was a great evening. Fun, fellowship and food (Pizzas delivered at nine pm. Yaay) We meet again at at seven pm in two weeks' time BUT in a different venue. Don't quite know where yet. Watch this space. Topics under discussion tonight included (but not limited to): 1)Who created the video: "Meet your STRAWMAN"? Can't remember if anyone answered that (homework from last meeting) question. 2)How to caution a copper (if you dare). And a great game called Sprouts. NEVER had so much fun!!!..."

We operate in a strange mix of public and private.  The meetings are open to any who want to attend.  However, we do ask that the content/discussions remain on the private side of things.  Folk are free to video/audio record the meetings with the proviso that anything recorded is for private use only.  Access/info is available through the website:  (There are free and paid membership options).

We have had three of six meetings in this season.  Each at intervals of two weeks.  The next is scheduled for Tues 23rd March.  If you can (If you want) do come along.  If you can't (if you won't) then send a friend (or two).
Sent with much affection.
Mike Bridger