Subject: More about cautioning Policymen
From: Veronica
Date: 8/4/13 4:20 pm
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

Mike has sent me some details about his seminar, in Watford, tomorrow (9th):

Hi, V
Following Simon's [Veronica's Note: Simon Spaniard] example, I have learned that some folk say they will attend.  Then don't.  Soooo...  After the manner of Simon I ask folk to:
1.  Indicate an interest through the 'events' page at  membership is free.  (some services are available on a subscription basis).
2.  Once they express an interest they are invited to confirm that interest through a private email from which they will be given venue details.

It all seems a little cloak and dagger but it gives me certainty of people's intentions.  After all, if I am to plan the venue/food & drink, I need to kinow how many I need to cater for.  And yes.  As I have to hire a room, I ask for a modest donation of  £5 per visitor.

We meet at seven pm for a seven thirty start.  We currently use a commercial training venue in commercial premises near Watford town centre.  Consequently,  When the training starts, the doors close and we will not hear the doorbell or 'phones.  We have three sessions of about forty minutes each.  There are breaks for drinks and chat.  We generally finish between 9.30. & ten pm.

Thanks for posting this wider.  I'll let you know how many more it attracts.