Subject: End of the line?
From: Veronica
Date: 8/4/13 1:17 pm
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

Well, having started with an expose of the UK Column & David Icke on this list, I guess you deserve an update.

Things are not good.

Obviously David Icke hasn't responded (at least not to me) ... but I didn't expect that he would.

Of course, the UK Column, in the form of Justin, initially, and latterly Brian Gerrish, did respond ... as I assumed they would ... and precisely in the mode I assumed they would.

The responses from Brian, amply supported my contention of "arrogance & intransigence" - or at least in my humble opinion ... and thus no need to retract that contention.

I've already posted out some of the exchange between myself & Brian. I don't want to overload you, or to continue this for any extended length of time.

It's simply not worth it.

Suffice to say, a number of people on this list were demonised - along with myself (of course) - and the effect was like a scatter-gun ... popping off at anything and everything I RATIONALLY responded to.

Thus I simply DIScontinued responding, since "rationality" (apparently) is no longer a word in Brian's language.

There is no point in me boring you with the details .... BUT ... if anyone wants a copy of the e-mail trail ... then I'll send them a copy on request ... but will have to insist on THE STRICTEST CONFIDENCE. Simply because, I don't want to drag this whole sorry story endlessly onwards. "Enough is enough" was the subject line of my e-mail ... and that applies to me, as much as it applies to them. There comes a time, when "Enough is enough".

They have problems. Brian dismisses all kinds of help, except for Tony Farrell & Ian Crane ... and (as far as Brian Gerrish is concerned) that's the end of the matter.

Brian is RIGHT ... and Veronica is WRONG!

Ian Crane & Tony Farrell are the greatest thing, since sliced bread ... and Veronica is WRONG!

Except that ... as I'm sure most on this list know ... it's actually all the other way round.

Brian is understandably angry ... Veronica is comfortably relaxed, and not really perturbed ... except for sadness & sympathy for UK Column supporters.

Brian says Veronica is "squirming" ... Veronica looks down and doesn't see anything that looks like "squirming" to her.

One final thing: Yes, I've had responses from those on this list. 100% support for what I wrote (so far). (I've even had offers of help to spread this far and wide ... which I've declined, with "Thanks for the offer". Why? "Enough is enough" + "You'll only get yourself demonised, as well". Furthermore, this was NEVER an attempt to destroy or in any way undermine the UK Column ... or David Icke. [They do that all by themselves]. It was an attempt to get them to see what's right in front of their noses, to make them see what they've become, and to point out they need to "Get their shit together". Big time!)

So ... hey ho ... onward & upward ... let them sort themselves out ... we've more important things to do(?) ... like supporting Simon Spaniard & Michael Doherty ... and all those who actually "Have their shit together".