Subject: Enough is truly enough
From: Veronica
Date: 6/4/13 11:08 am
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

I've held this off, to the point where I cannot hold it off any longer.

Websites such as the UK Column and David Icke's site are TOXIC CRAP. Which means you'll regularly view them at your peril. Because you'll risk being brain-poisoned aka 'brainwashed in a different direction'.

I tried to say it politely, here: now I'm saying it full bore.

Both of them FAIL any test of reasonableness (obviously along with Alex Jones, and all the others), by virtue of what they publish. The UK Column ALSO fails for other reasons, which I'll detail below.

The FAILURE - under the assumption that they are attempting to do some good in the world - an assumption that cannot possibly be made in relation to Alex Jones - is in their willingness to limit their publications almost entirely to FEARMONGERING. And anything they may publish, which does NOT constitute fearmongering, is entirely superficial, and impractical i.e. the stuff of 'air-heads'. An example, from David Icke's Headlines today, is this:
… which is about as 'useful' as a teapot made out of chocolate.

If that is 'the best we can do', then we are well and truly fucked, I suggest.

However, it's a long, long, way from 'the best we can do' - as some of us know. As those on the list know.

One can only guess at David Icke's problem. There are theories, but I choose not to speculate. He has known - for a few years now - about potential SOLUTIONS, but still chooses the superficiality of "Everyone should put out their dustbins on the wrong days" as some kind of 'solution'.

In the case of the UK Column I have far more concrete evidence, which does not require speculation (i.e. I've seen the e-mails). Furthermore I've spoken directly to 'parties' who have been involved. Even furthermore we've been subject to the "Writ of Mandamus" fiasco. (I'm now calling it a 'fiasco'). The problems are:

1. The intransigence and arrogance of Brian Gerrish (these days?), in response to CONSTRUCTIVE criticisms, and CONSTRUCTIVE offerings. This has led to them 'getting into bed' with some people I would not wish to be associated with, for example Ian Crane & Tony Farrell. Coupled, then, with intransigence and arrogance in the form of "THE UK COLUMN CAN DO NO WRONG! HOW DARE YOU CRITICISE US!". (Errr … well we can, actually … well those of us who've been researching for 10 years or more … or those of us who have our eyes wide open, instead of eyes wide shut). Note: THIS NOT TO DENY the importance of brining Common Purpose to everyone's attention. ORIGINALLY. I would not have said the same thing perhaps a couple of years ago. However, the clock has ticked, and the UK Column hasn't moved with the times.

2. The lack of focus on SOLUTIONS in favour of the publication of PROBLEMS. Whereas EACH PROBLEM is, FUNDAMENTALLY, the SELF-SAME PROBLEM, merely in a different wrapper. There are, of course, an infinite number of 'wrappers', and consequently their potential for publications (in this mode) are correspondingly infinite. I don't know what the idea is. I would presume (as I think most would presume) that the idea must consist of 'creating exposures in order to wind people up sufficiently as to create a backlash'. Well, that amount of 'wind-up', just ain't agonna happen. It 's well known that the vast majority are content with 'just bitching & waiting for someone else to take the action'. Here's an example of that: … pats on backs all round for that one! (Not!)

It's about time, in my view, we asked a very simple, one word, question. Here's the question: "And?".

If anyone criticises me, here, for what I've written, my response is:  "And?".

My response to everything posted in David Icke's Headlines, etc is: "And?".

My response to everything published by the UK Column is: "And?".

Do you get the picture?

I bitterly regret having been involved in the "Writ of Mandamus" fiasco. I HUMBLY APOLOGISE TO ALL THOSE WHO KINDLY ADDED THEIR NAMES TO THAT LIST. It was Justin who stumbled on the British Bradbury, via the fact that his uncle was Sir Harry Pilkington.

I trusted the 'players', Justin Walker, Brian Gerrish and Roger Hayes, because (without a shadow of a doubt) THE IDEA ITSELF WAS RIGHT.

WHAT WENT WRONG was the 'implementation', which was entrusted to those who - it turns out - do not possess sufficient concentration or focus such as to see the idea through to conclusion. For example:

1. Neither Brian Gerrish, nor Roger Hayes could be located in order to do interviews (they're 'too busy' … yes … see above!). (Justin himself is excused, in this respect, because he fell ill, with 'Flu, at that time)

 2. Subsequent to the original 40-day time limit running out, I created a draft of the follow-up Notice. The last I heard was that it was amended marginally. Then … that's it ... no more heard. Disappeared into a Black Hole?

3. Meanwhile, however, Justin comes up with at least TWO MORE 'bright ideas' for 'CAMPAIGNS'. I ignored them … on the basis that 'We actually had something else to finish first, didn't we?'

Anyway. That's the situation. Henceforth I no longer trust Brian Gerrish, Roger Hayes, or Justin Walker. In the case of Justin, I don't trust his DISCRETION/JUDGEMENT. If you wish to continue trusting them, that's your choice.

(I am of course - and as usual - open to a rebuttal of everything I said herein but, since it's the gospel truth, and entirely provable, that's going to be hard)

If - after reading this - there is anyone on this list who would rather not be, then just let me know, and I'll take you off.