Subject: Oh ... PURLEEZ CLICK THIS LINK ... I want MONEY!!!!
From: Veronica
Date: 22/3/13 11:44 am
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

They make you laugh, don't they ... 99.99999% of Websites?

Well, they do me, anyway.

But, presenting their thoughts, isn't good enough ... THEY HAVE TO "MAKE SOME MONEY!! So, there's the usual "Support Us" and/or "Donate" Button (of course) ... but they also incorporate "AdChoices" ... a very popular (and in my view insidious) intrusion into 99.99999% of the Internet. What happens is that, if you click on an AdChoice link, the owner of the Webpage is paid 1 penny or 1 cent by AdChoices. (Just for someone clicking ... whether they take the offered 'service' ... or not).

Here's typical example. This is part of an article entitled "Mass Panic In Cyprus: The Banks Are Collapsing And ATMs Are Running Out Of Money". The article is explaining HOW BAD things are in Cyprus.

And this situation, to me, causes hilarity ... see below. IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ARTICLE DEPRECATING THE BANKS ... there's an Ad Choices link OFFERING BANK ACCOUNTS! YOU COULDN'T MAKE IT UP!!!!!!

I run 4 Websites (that's 4 Domain Names, spread over 2 Hostings). I'm an Old Age Pensioner.

There is no "Donate" button on any of those sites, and there is no advertising (apart from links to my own book ... I think that's fair?). AND THERE NEVER WILL BE WHILE I'M IN CHARGE ... BECAUSE THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO NEED FOR THEM.

It is possible to run a Website chockablock with articles, links & information (even Items for Sale, with a Shopping Cart & Checkout Mechanism) for a total of LESS THAN £20 PER YEAR (if you go to the right places) (Of course, if you go to the WRONG places ... which comprise 99% of the 'offers' ... you'll get severely ripped off!).

(If you run a Website that offers a lot of audio or video files, then you would need more space than £20 will pay for ... but a Forum or Blog, etc. i.e. "information content only" can be run for the £20)

I've done it ... FOUR times over ... without asking for a penny.