Subject: Nick: of the family O'Time
From: Veronica
Date: 20/3/13 6:59 pm
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Michelle wrote the following e-mail to Nick Clegg, via LBC Radio:
Dear Nick Clegg,
How are you? We the signatories trust you are well.
Attached is the Press Release and people's response to the (false) Nat'l debt crisis, it is the Ed Ball answer to the
mystical 'Money Tree'. 
Are you aware of the Writ of Mandamus legal document and letter, answer to the Nations debt problem? It has
been sent to the Prime Minister & Chancellor dated February 11th 2013, giving 40 days in which to act / respond
and which has been copied to yourself and Ed Milliband? The full letter explanation is on the web-link. This is by no
means a request!
We have heard no mention.. ? !
If not, why has this pivotal and historical document that can save out Nation's economy not been brought to your
attention? If it has why has there been no mention?
There is indeed an answer to the 'Money Tree', which is akin to the 'Tree of Life'. The universe in infinite & abundant!
The banks are not licensed to print money and are not the only ones who can do so, the government can do it as well!
There are two historical precedents, detailed below where this has been done successfully - in the US Greenbacks and
in the UK ‘Bradbury Notes'. This is in fact how 'Bank Holidays'.. came into being.
We look forward to your most enthusiastic and positive response.
God bless and good luck.
I wrote a follow-up e-mail to Nick Clegg via LBC Radio:

Dear Nick Clegg,

Like my friend Sarah, I wish you well. I wondered if you would like a summary of the situation?

It goes like this.

When your constituents put an "X" against your name, on Polling Day, they are saying "Please, Mr. Clegg, run the country for us … as you've promised to do … along with all the other MPs we vote into office".

Are they not saying that? They place no restrictions upon you, do they?

What this means is very, very, simple. IF (that's IF) the country is to be run utilising a 'monetary system', then they are saying "We rely on YOU to manage our monetary system … and thereby run the country".

But, you don't do that. You allow the banks to manage the monetary system, thereby ABDICATING the responsibility you agreed to take on (by virtue of the "X"s placed against your name).

Both Abraham Lincoln and Lloyd George broke out of that mould in their lifetimes. Lincoln said "The ability to create money was a Government's greatest creative opportunity. And a fundamental one". And he was right, because that's exactly what it is.

Instead of a system whereby the Treasury borrows from Banks, at interest, there is absolutely NOTHING to stop the Treasury creating the money in the first place - instead of simply creating Bonds, and selling them to the highest bidder.

What's the difference between creating Bonds and creating Money directly, Mr. Clegg? They are both simply 'items of value'?

This would mean that the Government borrowed NOTHING, and therefore had no need to paying ANYTHING back to anyone. The 'stability' of such a British Bradbury Pound would be based on the stability of the United Kingdom, as a whole - which has always been worth far more than 'gold'.

Both Abraham Lincoln and Chancellor Lloyd George did it, in a panic, so as to enable the Northern States to fight the American Civil War, and for Great Britain to fight the First World War, respectively.

But there's no reason why it couldn't be done in peacetime. Here is what they looked like, Mr. Clegg:

And, without the 21st Century equivalent to the interest- and debt-free 1914 Bradbury, both yourself, and all intermediary Governments are, and always have been, abdicating their responsibilities, while they allow Banks to create money.

As many as possible doing similar things ... even if it's only to say "I support the efforts to bring in the Bradbury" might cause LBC & Nick Clegg to pause for thought tomorrow?

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