Subject: Fwd: There is a Money Tree / Re: WRIT of Mandamus/Open Letter to Cameron & Osborne - Answer to our country's 'debt' situation & the solution.
From: Veronica
Date: 20/3/13 5:06 pm
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Copy of an e-mail sent to LBC/Nick Ferrari/Nick Clegg ... from Michelle aka Sarah ... re tomorrow's (21st) instalment of the Nick Clegg Weekly Phone-in..

She asks, could as many people as possible please be around between 9:30am & 10:00am for Nick Clegg's 'chummy' weekly Phone-In with Nick Ferrari?


(Pretty please?)

Their 40 days runs out on the 23rd (this coming Saturday), and we are just about to 'up the ante on that', with a Notice of Fault. There will also be (as necessary) a Notice of Default ... at which point we would be 'good to go' with Private Criminal Prosecutions ... especially in the light of recent statements from Cameron ("There's no magic money tree") and Osborne ("There is no miracle cure") ... which are blatantly misleading and untrue i.e. Misconduct in Public Office (Maximum Sentence = Life imprisonment).

(The Notice of Fault we've prepared points out that this matter could be put to a Referendum ... so that's something to point out to Clegg)

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Subject: There is a Money Tree / Re: WRIT of Mandamus/Open Letter to Cameron & Osborne - Answer to our country's 'debt' situation & the solution.
Date: Wed, 20 Mar 2013 15:56:49 +0000
From: Michelle
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Dear Nick Clegg,
How are you? We the signatories trust you are well.
Attached is the Press Release and people's response to the (false) Nat'l debt crisis, it is the Ed Ball answer to the
mystical 'Money Tree'. 
Are you aware of the Writ of Mandamus legal document and letter, answer to the Nations debt problem? It has
been sent to the Prime Minister & Chancellor dated February 11th 2013, giving 40 days in which to act / respond
and which has been copied to yourself and Ed Milliband? The full letter explanation is on the web-link. This is by no
means a request!
We have heard no mention.. ? !
If not, why has this pivotal and historical document that can save out Nation's economy not been brought to your
attention? If it has why has there been no mention?
There is indeed an answer to the 'Money Tree', which is akin to the 'Tree of Life'. The universe in infinite & abundant!
The banks are not licensed to print money and are not the only ones who can do so, the government can do it as well!
There are two historical precedents, detailed below where this has been done successfully - in the US Greenbacks and
in the UK ‘Bradbury Notes'. This is in fact how 'Bank Holidays'.. came into being.
We look forward to your most enthusiastic and positive response.
God bless and good luck.
mob: 07960 200 338

3rd sending.
On 14 February 2013 16:51, <> wrote:
Press Release
Our country's current 'debt' situation & the solution.
A 'Prerogative Writ of Mandamus' & attached letter has been sent to
the Rt. Hon. David Cameron MP, Prime Minister and First Lord of the Treasury, and the Rt. Hon. George Osborne MP, Chancellor of the Exchequer -
There have  two historical precedents which give absolute credence to this fiscal principle of national credit - Greenbacks & ‘Bradbury’ notes. In other words, there is nothing whatsoever to stop Her Majesty’s Treasury from being able to issue debt-free and interest-free treasury notes for the well-being, security and happiness of the British people...
Abraham Lincoln made the momentous and lawful decision to print debt-free and interest-free paper money based on nothing more than the honour of the American Government, called ‘Greenbacks’ and in 1914

Lloyd George, the then Chancellor of the Exchequer quickly rushed through the Currency and Bank Notes Act of 1914 which allowed His Majesty’s Treasury to immediately start issuing debt-free treasury notes based on the credit worthiness of the country, which was immediately accepted as legitimate money by the British people... The next few months saw some £300 million of these ‘Bradbury’ treasury notes being printed thus effectively averting any possible financial crisis as Britain mobilised for the struggle ahead...
Here's the link that explains it all:
Signed by sovereign and free peaceful inhabitants of Great Britain and Northern Ireland..

Something for them to chew over while munching on their Weetabix...