Subject: My little booklet seems to be creating 'problems' ...
From: Veronica
Date: 18/3/13 11:30 am
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

First of all, it is a Bog Standard Windows HTML Help File ... i.e. a "chm" File.

It's not an 'old style' Help File ... that went out with the advent Windows 98 ... it's the 'new style', that has been COMPATIBLE since Windows 98.

I checked yesterday, and it IS compatible with Windows 7, and so I assume it is also compatible with Vista, etc.

In any case, reading it, just requires a Windows Application ... but it seems that Application - or, MORE LIKELY, "associations to it" - may no longer be included in the latest versions of Windows (for some reason ... I know not why).

However, the situation can be put right on either a Windows Platform or a Mac Platform.


You may need to create and "association" with the Viewer Application called hh.exe. You should find find hh.exe in Folder C:\Windows


Download & install from here:

And all should be well.