Subject: Latest news ...
From: Veronica
Date: 16/3/13 12:46 pm
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1. It appears that Grillo Pad has been funded by George Soros. 'Followers of what's going on in the world' will know what to make of that. It was always likely that the 5-Star Movement has some 'big money' behind it ... 'follow the money' is always the way ... and it always leads to corruption.

Here's the link:
... if you can stand all of the Daily Bell's irrelevant waffle & hype.

2. The Irish have come up with a good plan to attack their version of the Council Tax (called a Property Tax in Eireann). They are forming a Limited Liability Company, each Shareholder buys a share for 2 Euros. Then, AS A COMPANY, they mount a challenge against this tax, in the Courts. Which means that no Shareholders can be charged anything, until the matter is settled. ... for details.