Subject: Wrote a letta today ...
From: Veronica
Date: 14/3/13 6:15 pm
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

London Borough of Hounslow,

Revenue Services,

PO Box 355,


TW13 4PJ.

                                                                                                                                                                14th March 2013.

Dear Sirs,

Re: Decision Notice 13, March 2013, Ref 301653


I write in response to having received this notice yesterday.


I noticed that:


1.       It was not accompanied by the Form 27b/6;

2.       At the bottom of the first page it warns me that I must tell you immediately of any changes in my circumstances;

3.       It informs me that I owe you the amount £0.00, and must make immediate payment.


As far as (1) above is concerned, I hereby waive my right to have sight of a valid 27b/6 Form duly completed and signed.


In the light of (2), above, I’m writing to inform you that – until I received your letter – I had no idea that I was in your debt. Having received the Decision Notice, I now (of course) understand that I am in your debt, and therefore this constitutes a change of circumstances (as far as I am concerned). Thus, by pointing out this change of circumstances, by letting you know herein, my duty in respect of (2), above, has been fulfilled.


With regard to the matter listed as (3), above, there is a problem. Due to the lack of any other changes to my circumstances, I can only afford to pay any outstanding amount via instalments, and therefore request that you send back, by return, a suitable Paying-In Book.


Yours truly