Subject: Gotta letta yesterday ...
From: Veronica
Date: 14/3/13 2:10 pm
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

... from my local Council.

It said: REASON FOR CALCULATION: Change in Overpayment Recovery.

And then went on to say: The current details of the changed items are as follows: £0.00 has been written off.

(It also told me how I could dispute this).

On the next page it said: OVERPAYMENT STATEMENT

And: Owing to: Change in Recovery
The current overpayment outstanding = £0.00
This value may not include debts we are recovering by debtors invoice
You are expected to pay this amount outstanding.
If you have difficulty in paying back this debt you must contact the office on 020 (etc) to discuss it.

It also says, at the bottom (very sternly):


Well ... what should I do? Send them a cheque for £0.00, and demand a receipt?

Write and tell them that my circumstances have changed? Before I got that letter (apparently) I owed them £0.00, but now - according to their letter - there has been a 'Change in recovery' - and I now owe them £0.00?

Or ... should I just ignore these cunts ... as normal?

PS Oh ... by the way ... I've no real idea what this is all about, anyway ... but ho hum ...