Subject: Well ... I send this out ...
From: Veronica
Date: 12/3/13 8:32 pm
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

... with a few additions by me, within [...]

(Use discretion, please)

A message to V.K. Durham:

“John, who wrote the comment below, is a WH[“White Hat”]. English M-6 according to Lew[could be Lew Rockwell?]. A WH blog comment I thought deserved to be seen:

John - March 9, 2013 at 3:31 PM

Putin is a smart, hard Professional with decades of Intel experience and running a country. O[bama?] is a bag Man, run by multiple interests, clueless and impotent.

On the GS[?]. Watch carefully.

What is happening in the Vatican? Its Bank? Its Papal control? Watch Le Guarde and Lew. Watch the Basle Committee. Watch as US Law Enforcement at the top corners the rats.

It’s ALL playing out and it’s ALL coming down on them. We care, we try and we do respect you all, your rights, hopes and needs. A lot we can not say or it will prejudice all we are doing out of sight.

Do you think for a moment we will give up or sell out?

There is no price, we want Justice - for all!. But, in a highly sensitive, multi cause and multi facet world; each step needs care. Parties you would not believe have been talking to avoid what’s coming. No names, but high! How can you expect to see what's so high up off radar? Just Trust it is in play in real dogfights.

We will not give any advantage by pre warning them. Many know the game is up. Many know their past is dirty and being investigated. Biden[Joe Biden, Deputy US President] tried to hide his bribes. Sr[Bush senior?] used US Government planes and Agency staff to help. All names are known. All will go to Jail. All will lose their Pensions, Homes and families.

Bankers have already sworn affidavits. Disgusted witnesses have talked. All the Masters of the Universe have become Master – bators, fast in fear of what is coming down now.

Sr[Senior?] Military commanders now see the real enemy is within. Arrogance was common among all, as they stole with indifference, and produced sons in Crime Families who were Teflon. Until the gloss wore off. Fancy dress and very dirty knickers underneath. Now they are exposed as Naked Emperors. Cheap, glitzy Shysters.

Let the teams do what is being handled. It takes what it takes. Their dollars, their time, their lives and stress.

40 years of Cabal theft takes unraveling. On every corner, another bent Agency Chief or slime bag Attorney waits to block and frustrate. It’s a process of discovery and time.

Major Made Men now realize their place in history is recorded for posterity to see. Crooks and chicanery. Sleazy, rotten men. Teflon Agency chiefs came to earth, pants in hand. Suddenly exposure is happening - who next?

The guys in Reno are playing their cards. All of Europe is active and so is China. These are huge mind games.

The Cabal will not survive. A lot of Vatican accounts will spew out. The Vatican itself is now at a crossroads. Banking is under attack. Israel will be subjected to greater scrutiny. There is no appetite for war. The world is growing up. Educating the masses has led to challenges. When the Elite Cabal only produce stupid sons, the pyramids shake and crumble.”

Now ... what do we make of that? Two possibilities:

1. It's true 'insider' knowledge ... or ...
2. It's bullshit ... designed to make everyone relax i.e. "The Cavalry is on its way! Sit tight and don't worry!"

My point?

My point is - whether it's true or false - should make no difference to what WE do.

Either now, or at any time in the future.

We MUST keep on keepin' on.

WE MUST learn to save OURSELVES and NEVER AGAIN rely on 'someone else to do that for us'.

Even if 'the game is up' (for 'Them') ... even if we ultimately can see we've won ... WE MUST NEVER SIT BACK, RELAX, AND ASSUME WE CAN STOP BEING VIGILANT.

Remember: Which part, of the anatomy of an ostrich, is most exposed - when its head is in the sand?