Subject: This OPPT & ITCCS 'things'
From: Tabitha
Date: 8/3/13 8:27 am
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

Here's someone else's opinion (someone who is also experienced, and capable of critical thought):

Where the OPPT fails is by assuming that the powers that be are going to be happily hand over to us the keys to the Kingdom ALL WE HAVE TO DO IS ASK NICELY AND LOVINGLY. One of the people trying to use this paperwork was sentenced to 27 years just because the judge thought it will be nice to make an example so people have been warned [I said, at the outset, that a lot of decent people are likely to get their fingers burded - Veronica]. It is easy to go around telling people to go an BE go and DO while you are safely away in Morocco [Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf is the prominent 'Trustee', public 'face' of OPPT, and resides in  Morocco - Veronica]. Heather talks like she has ended the Satanic System with her paperwork filing, and she has ... IN PAPER ... however ... in real time, they still have ALL THE POWER. THE POWER TO ARREST YOU, TAX YOU, FORECLOSE ON YOU, SO WHAT GOOD IT IS TO BE "FREE"? YOU SEND YOUR COURTESY NOTICES AND YOU ARE "FREE" BUT YOU CONTINUE TO PAY TAXES AND DRINK THEIR FLUORIDE WATER AND BREATHE THEIR AIR FULL OF CHEMS, EAT THE FOOD FULL OF GMOs AND ABIDE BY THEIR LAWS OR YOUR BUTT WILL BE JAILED, SO WHERE IS THE BENEFIT???? It would have been better for Heather to wait until she took the system down to tell people about it, she claims the system is broke as they have no access to money, well, it has been 3 months and the system is still running business as usual, I guess Bernake is busy, busy, busy! We will see.

I must say, I couldn't have put it better myself ... especially via the very first sentence, above.

So ... purleez stop sending me stuff about OPPT ... thanks.

When the Powers That Be hand over the Keys to the Kingdom, then it's worked.

Until then the OPPT has been a big balloon filled with hot air. The Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) works AGAINST us.

It only works FOR us ... as and when 'They' MIGHT decide allow it ... because 'They' have the guns, the dogs & the robotic muscle. My personal view is that Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf & her colleagues should have gained experience in that aspect, before making such a song & dance.

(Same goes for Kevin Annett and his "International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State" ... who now state "Canada is dissolved" and have now "... issued Arrest Warrants on Brenda & Ratzinger, etc". I think it highly unlikely that the Rev. Dr. Kevin "Klueless" Annett will be personally executing said Arrest Warrants ... and ... of course ... anyone who does is likely to be shot ... or so I would think)