Subject: Downs & Ups of being in Italy ...
From: Veronica
Date: 8/3/13 8:08 pm
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Berlusconi DOWN:
... 1 year jail term (which they don't look like implementing ... makes ya larf dunnit???)

Grillpad UP: ... and selected quotes from Ellen Brown:
In Europe, the proposal is being pursued not just by Grillo's southern European party but by the sober Swiss of the north. An initiative to establish a new federal law for an unconditional basic income was formally introduced in Switzerland in April 2012. The idea consists of giving to all citizens a monthly income that is neither means-tested nor work-related. Under the Swiss referendum system of direct democracy, if the initiative gathers more than 100,000 signatures before October 2013, the Federal Assembly is required to look into it.

As Grillo points out, it is not the cost of government but the cost of money itself that has bankrupted Italy. If the country wishes to free itself from the shackles of debt and restore the prosperity it once had, it will need to take back its monetary sovereignty and issue its own money, either directly or through its own nationalized central bank. If Grillo's party comes to power and follows through with his platform, those shackles on the Italian economy might actually be released.
Errrr ... I've see that idea before ... somewhere ...