Subject: Never been happier!
From: Veronica
Date: 6/3/13 12:19 am
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

From Mike Bridger (there is no prize for guessing who "The Man" is):

In February This Man returned home, after a busy day, to discover FIVE letters from a Third Party Debt Collector (TPDC).

And He couldn't be happier.

You see, in the first instance, across the summer of 2011, Parking/Traffic Enforcement Agents wrote to the MISTER LEGAL FICTION about five allegations of traffic 'offences'.

After He engaged (in the name of the Natural Man) with the offices of the London Borough, the London Borough chose to pass the matter to a TPDC.

Throughout 2012, the TPDC wrote to the Natural Man.

In early December 2012, the TPDC passed the five tickets back to the London Borough.

In February, the TPDC wrote to ..........THE OCCUPIER!!! The Man had never been happier!

Finally after thirty-two months of games, with dozens of cases, He wrote the FIRST Notice of Removal of Implied Rights of Access.

Oh, and just for fun (in 2011), this Man took a sixth parking ticket and a home-made receipt to the Civic Centre, offered the PCN across the counter, asked for (and got!) a signature/stamp on the receipt. 

Two weeks later there was a letter from the Traffic Enforcement Office which declared:
"...You have NOT paid the penalty and you do NOT have a receipt!"

(Still got the receipt!)  NEVER had so much fun!