Subject: Italian 5-Star Movement
From: Veronica
Date: 6/3/13 10:53 pm
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

You may have heard of the resounding victories of the Italian 5-Star Movement in the recent 2013 Italian general Elections?

The movement is headed by a comedian-turned-political activist by the name of Beppo Grillo:

For obvious reasons I will, henceforth, be referring to him as "Grillopad".

As I predicted (to Justin), these guys have run into immediate trouble:

However, the tactics of Grillopad & Co. are something to be admired since ... until about 4 years ago ... the 'movement' didn't exist. It has come to fruition by means of Facebook & Twitter (two things I, myself, won't go near ... since they are - fundamentally - CIA front organisations, designed to profile everyone).

The suggestion is that we (UK) do something similar ourselves.

I, personally, wouldn't want any part of it, because I don't believe in "Political influence" ... I understand my (I mean our ... I mean the world's) history ... and know that it WILL ALWAYS become corrupted (eventually), and will lead to tyranny (by the back door).

However, I pass on the 'idea' ... in case anyone else is interested.

First and foremost, any such movement would need a 'figurehead' (equivalent to Grillopad). And I can't think of anyone I'd trust to do that job ... maybe you can?