Subject: I didn't put this out, at the time I was sent it ...
From: Veronica
Date: 5/3/13 11:52 pm
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

... for a number of reasons.

1. I considered the title "Conviction vs Eviction" to be terribly misleading ... because it implied (to me) that the Bayleafs were eventually 'convicted' (of something), and

2. While, on the one hand, it showed a 'success' in beating them back, the updates said that "Unfortunately, a group of High Court Bayleaf Nazi thugs returned, and the Policymen were stood down, and the eviction actually went ahead anyway"

But now, some more information has come to light.

This is the video I'm talking about:

In that video, the bullish Bayleaf is called Paul Higgs.

A short description [NOT written be me, but by someone else] is that the home-owner in the video above is about to meet the delightful Paul Higgs, official Bayleaf for Barnet County Court. A swaggering, shorn headed, aggressive thug complete with fag in hand, faux stab vest and a mouth like a docker's arsehole. You'd think he'd arrived for an audition in a Guy Ritchie film, rather than to repossess a house in Potter's bar.

From the moment he arrives he throws his weight and his gob around at the small group of people 'obstructing him', while his beer-bellied 'thugettes' hover in the background like a couple of foul mouthed blimps. They all proceed to threaten the home owner with physical violence and a barrage of insults. It's clear, that if the incident hadn't been filmed, these Bayleafs would have had no problem following through with their threats.

Soon, a car full of plod arrive helmed by some lethargic gum chewing WPC who acts like she's just stepped out of bed. Naturally, she has to undergo an on-the-spot crash course in law before she decides she can't make up her own mind and summons up another car full of plod - most of whom litter the street, hands tucked snugly into their 'stab vests', gazing absently around like household cats.

Eventually after much further consultation, more phone calls and confused appraisals, plod decide it's all a civil matter. Irrespective of the fact that threats of violence have been made, plod choose to play it softly-softly because there are 'officials' involved, rather than just 'unofficial' members of the public.

The cops ask the Bayleafs to leave, but these squat little thugs with their Napoleon complexes still try it on.  Climbing over the gate, and barging their way through. Typically, they don't get arrested, but amazingly the cops 'suggest' to them that they should leave. And the on-lookers give the cops a smattering of applause, clearly astounded by the rare sight of coppers actually doing something in favour of the little man for a change.

OK ... watch that video ... and read on:

It seems that, subsequently, the following has happened:

1. Yes, a second lot of even-more-thuggier-thugs turned up again, and there was no-one there with knowledge to rebut them. And the Bird family WERE evicted ... eventually ... BUT

2. It seems that the Bird family have subsequently "un-re-possessed" their own home again (by breaking back in, of course!), AND - even though the Bank obtained a Penal Notice against them (for doing that) ... "No more has been heard, some 15 months later"!

3. AND Paul Higgs & Co were subsequently suspended ... due to the fact that the Parent Company received so many calls from the 100,000+ people who had see that video, AND

4. Apparently this video is now required viewing for all Bayleafs. It is understood that many are now pissed off because so many are filming them when they attend to carry out an eviction.

So ... keep on keepin' on, folks!

(We already knew ... from an 'inside source' ... that Bayleafs receive ZERO Training when they are taken on. They think that ... as a Bayleaf ... they can do 'ANYTHING' when ... in point of FACT ... there's VERY LITTLE they can actually do ... see here: