Subject: Top DHS checkpoint refusals ...
From: Veronica
Date: 2/3/13 3:43 pm
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

... in Amerika. (DHS = Department of Homeland Security)

NEVER answer questions.

Just keep asking the same ones (whatever they say): "Am I being detained?" is the question to keep asking ... over and over again. Along with: "What's your probable cause for impeding me?" ... and (when they can't give straight answer): "Am I free to go, then?"

And keep doing that, until they give up.

YOU HAVE THE INDEFEASIBLE RIGHT TO REMAIN SILENT ... and they only have the right to detain you if they can should 'probable cause' ... i.e. 'reasonable suspicion' ... that you've committed a crime.

That's 'reasonable suspicion', btw ... NOT just 'suspicion'.

And a crime MUST have an Injured Party ... which MUST be another Human Being.

(I love that bit where he says: "You asked me if I was an American Citizen BEFORE I refused to answer. What was your reasonable suspicion that led you to ask that question?". EXACTLY! These ROBOTS don't realise what they are doing, and the mistakes they are making, based on so many FALSE assumptions. Because they have all been 'spoon fed' a load of total bollox).