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"... to his dying day he [Ted Heath] was paid £121,000 a year by the Chinese government"

(Hint: Think 'paedophilia')

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Subject: Fw: Correspondence on Edward Heath's house "Arundells"
Date: Sat, 2 Mar 2013 21:14:48 -0000
From: Doug
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Thank you, Clive
Edward Heath's paid-for, treachery; is matched by every politician who has succeeded him in all areas of government, signed foreign treaties, and done nothing to restore our full sovereignty - and by 'our' I mean every British, human being in the land.
Because it is we, the flesh-and-blood electorate who are sovereign; an entity such as, parliament' cannot be, and is NOT, and never will be, sovereign!
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Subject: Correspondence on Edward Heath's house "Arundells"

So, Edward Heath made a significant contribution to modern British history did he!!!!!!!
Not just the Chinese, what about the International Currency review magazines research showing Heath, and two other prominent politicians being on the "Abwehr's" paylist….. mmmmmm, some contribution.

1st March, 2013
Robert Walter MP,
House of Commons,
London SW1A 0AA

Dear Bob,
We agree with your letter of the 27th February that supporting one's friends and idols is laudable.  It is probable, through sailing, we knew Edward Heath better than most outside of Parliament.  He sought my advice when ordering his first Fireball dinghy to replace the 12 square metre Sharpie he was then sailing from Broadstairs.  Subsequently when Chairman of the Fireball Association and responsible for hosting the Fireball European Championships at Hayling Island I invited Ted to come and give away the prizes.  I have a nice letter of thanks.

Subsequently under thirty year disclosures it was revealed Ted had lied to us.  We learnt that he had refused to reveal even to his cabinet the letter from his Attorney General that signing the ECA72 would destroy our 1,000 year old sovereignty.  Further disclosures revealed that he had been compromised at Balliol, laying him open to blackmail by foreign agents.

Could you please explain why to his dying day he was paid £121,000 a year by the Chinese government?  We incidentally  have some interesting letters on file when we challenged him on some of these issues.

We have all had to revise our views in the light of historical disclosures on many leaders;  not least "Uncle Joe" Stalin as we thought of him in the war against Hitler whom many in turn, such as Edward VIII and Lord Halifax also thought to be a hero.

Yes Ted did indeed make a "significant contribution to modern British history".  He threw away our independence as a nation and a thousand years of self-government.  The sooner his memory is buried and we once again become a free nation, governed only by our elected representatives the better.  The worm would seem to be turning.

With best wishes,

Bill Woodhouse