Subject: More Naziline ...
From: Veronica
Date: 1/3/13 10:33 am
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

And from Angie ... she's "ready to rock" on this one:

It's a bloody good job I now have Naziline as one of my "Friends and
Family" (and would urge you all to do likewise) as I was straight onto
them again this morning.

My "neighbours" - the ones that only come up a couple of times per year -
visits usually coincide with the Equinox's - have retreated to what they
call their "holiday home" - and we all know what that means, don't we?

Obviously a secret den of iniquity. Satanic Ritual is rife already and
they  only got here, under a cloak of darkness, I might add, at  twenty
past ten last night.

There  were blatant display of  sun symbolism this morning - in the garden
flaunting a "Yellow" T-shirt -  she  was offering "gifts to the Gods" by
draping, what  looked like  ceremonial robes, over a washing line....  was  either than or they have obviously been trying to remove
and tamper with evidence, I mean  who hangs bed sheets out to dry  at 
half seven in the morning, eh??? Answer me that !!!!!!

Yes ... we need to tell the Policymen about this sort of thing, because they don't have anything else to do ... now they've cleaned up all the paedophila ... by arresting Freddie Starr & Gary Glitter, etc.

Making & drinking cups of tea can get a bit wearying if that's all you have to do, after reading the newspapers and doing the crossword. ["I know!!!!! Let's start up a Naziline!!!!! Where people can report suspicious things!!!" ... "Wot's a 'suspicious thing', Sarge?" ... "Whaja mean?" ... "I mean, what do we mean by 'suspicious'?" ... "FFS Constable!!! Don't you know what 'suspicious' means???" ... "Oh, sorry Sarge!"]