Subject: FMOTL up & running again ....
From: Veronica
Date: 28/2/13 11:00 pm
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

"Monthly bandwidth transfer" now back a zero for March ... even though it's still only 28th February here.

But (at the time of writing this) ... where the Server is located in the world, it's now March 1st.

The reason for this 'glitch' was twofold:

1. I did a Full Backup last night ... which means I downloaded EVERYTHING (8000+ files, some of them 1/2 Gigabyte)

2. AS BAD LUCK WOULD HAVE IT ... (unbeknownst to me!) a gentleman in France ALSO downloaded the whole site in the last day or so, using the PageNest software. He sent his apologies, and said he wanted a copy on his local Server, in case his Internet goes down.

These are the reasons for the down-time. I don't think it will normally happen. Since I last moved the Server there was only a disruption a few days ago, because the Web Hosts took a Backup Copy of all the Websites on their Servers (that was normal, and to be expected). (If backups are not taken, it is possible to lose everything)