Subject: Attention spans ...
From: Tabitha
Date: 28/2/13 7:30 pm
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

Dear Justin,

Further to what I said this morning, about 'discernment', you also quote people who have very limited 'attention spans'.

Now, you can say "Well, they ARE very busy ... with lots of different things ...", and would not disagree with you - on that score.

But ... that makes them useless. Useless to any kind of concentrated, co-ordinated, effort.

This Grillo character has obviously put his back into what he's done. I would guess he had put in a massive amount of CO-ORDINATED effort.

By focusing on what he was doing.

Now ... you tell me ... who is the one who will be a focal point? Who knows the whole thing inside out, and back to front? I'd say you ... if it were not for your current 'parental problems'. But ... those problems exist ... so there isn't really anyone else, is there?

The only other one with the gumption to do that kind of job (and the 'charisma', btw) would be Michael Doherty ... but he is up to his eyes in 'alligators' (for the benefit of EVERYONE) ... as well.

Unfortunately we don't know any 'celebs'. Stephen Fry could do an excellent job for us - if it were explained to him, and he agreed. He's already on record as saying "The Vatican is evil".