Subject: "I couldn't believe it was a plane ..."
From: Veronica
Date: 25/2/13 12:09 am
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Quite right too!

It wasn't a plane ... it was a Cruise Missile ... and the Pentagon's Security System must have been switched off, in order to allow it through (either that or it contained Top Secret Military Codes, which would identify it as 'friend').

There was no 'plane' that hit the North Tower. It was some kind of 'flying object' ... but it wasn't a 'plane' ... in the sense of a Boeing etc. It seemed to be a 'series of 3 blobs',  so it was nicknamed "Blobs11" by the No-planers (because it certain wasn't Flight AA11 ... which never even took off on the that day).

There was no 'plane' that hit the South Tower. It was a Computer Graphic inserted into the TV footage ... effectively a cartoon ... so it was nicknamed "Cartoon175" in deference to Flight UA175 ... that flight DID take off ... but no-one knows where it went. It certainly did not hit the South Tower, as can be seen in this still frame taken from CNN's footage:

The CARTOON is 'melting' into the building. Obviously - at TV frame speed - this would look like a real plane - but slowed down, and as a single frame such as this, the fact that it is a cartoon ... is obvious (buildings don't 'self heal')

All this is:

1. Totally beyond some guy, with terminal renal failure, who lived in Afghanistan's Tora Bora mountains ... who (btw) died in December 2001. (The first time! In other words the REAL time!)

2. Obviously indicating 'media complicity' ... which explains why the media won't publish the real Truth.