Subject: Mark Windows wins court case against Waltham Forest Council
From: Veronica
Date: 23/2/13 5:43 pm
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

Mark wins his case against Waltham Forest Council and the Single Persons Discount Validation form for Council Tax. (More information about other 'hits' "Common Purpose-driven morons", called Waltham Forest Council, have had to accept ... in the first link, below)

(Mark is the guy who had the sense to make a documentary about the life of musician Jet Harris - the first Bass Guitarist in the UK - before Jet passed away, a couple of years ago. Not only was Jet the first, he also set perhaps the highest standard for Bass Guitar playing ... "Issa way I 'It the strings", he said).

Hi All,

I dont send out group e mails usually, but you may find this information useful.

Word is getting around  after I won my court case against the council. Now the form known as the Single Persons Discount Validation  form which has been rolled out over the country is history, you do not have to fill it in. The fraud exposed. Councils are getting third party data mining companies to send out forms which purport to be council documents. The same goes for any council document, if you supply the information they cannot carry on with an assumption after having been furnished with the facts.

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