Subject: 'Dragged out of bed': Man dies after night-time arrest for not paying council tax
From: Veronica
Date: 21/2/13 10:18 am
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Now I'm being bombarded with this:

... under the sort of heading: "A martyr to the cause of peace and justice".

That may very well be true ... BUT: Aren't we jumping a few guns, here?

How do we know he was withholding due to conscience - as opposed to "Just thinking he could get away with it"?

We don't -as far as I know - know him, or anything about him.

Sure ... we know that the Policymen are often thugs ... and that Guy has been arrested at 1:00am before now (I was there at the time) ... but how do we know this chap was so fixed on the idea of 'standing up to the Councils' that he was prepared to DIE for the cause? And thereby become a martyr?

It's nothing more than a TRAGEDY ... just like the case of Ian Tomlinson.

And it will go the same way, viz: The Policymen will say "How were we to know that the guy had epilepsy?"

And most people will say "Should have paid his Council Tax, then"

The fact is that this is what you get when you hire wannabe thugs, stick them in a uniform, issue them a Warrant Card, and turn them into Robots.

Yes ... it's tragedy when someone dies in Policymen's custody ... but we have know far worse cases than this - there is no report of him actually being beaten up - whereas there are many historic examples of Policymen actually being pretty brutal ... indeed, more than one recipient on this list!

What am I ... some cold-hearted cow? Errr ... no ... I just try (as far as possible ... don't ALWAYS succeed) to wait until I have a few facts ... before jumping to conclusions/jumping on a bandwaggon.