Subject: UK SWAT teams
From: Veronica
Date: 21/2/13 12:48 pm
To: undisclosed-recipients:;

Peter (of 'my new computer' fame) is a farmer (he owns a farm, anyway).

And that farm has 'yards' ... you know, 'areas' that one would call 'a yard'.

The Highways Agency are working on the M3, near to Peter's farm. They are mainly working overnight (for the Workmen's own safety, and also to minimise inconvenience).

Peter has let them use one of his yards to store their 'plant machinery & materials', etc.

A couple of nights ago a HEAVILY-ARMED UK Police SWAT Team roared up, in the middle of the night ... to challenge these Workmen on what they were doing.

FORTUNATELY this SWAT Team  were NOT in "shoot first, ask questions later mode" ... but (apparently) the incident was reckoned (by the Workmen) to be "pretty-bloody-scary".

Geez! Continuing down that path is definitely the route to Oblivion.